During the last few years, microblading has become the semi-permanent solution to reinforce over-plucked, sparse or non-existent eyebrows. This technique accompanies the trend of bushy eyebrows that achieve definition in the face and symmetry in the look that has been going strong for several years.

There are multiple alternatives to achieve the appearance of a bushy eyebrow ranging from balms that stimulate hair growth, makeup for eyebrows in different presentations and ‘long-lasting’ treatments such as microblading or micropigmentation.
In this article we will focus on providing you with all the information so you can choose the option that best suits you.

The most important thing to know

  • The microblading can generate some concern among consumers as it is a semi-permanent alternative. Today there are makeup products that will achieve a very similar effect without the need for a cosmetic procedure.
  • There are different types of eyebrow pencils to suit every need and face type. You will find fine tip, thick tip, waterproof, gel, powder, multiple colors and shades, and with different finishes.
  • Choosing the right product is always the biggest challenge and will be determined by your style and personality, your skin tone and the finish you want to achieve.

The Best Microblading Pencils on the Market: Our Recommendations

In this section, we are going to list our selection of the eyebrow pencils that will achieve the desired microblading effect taking into account different features such as presentation, applicator, finish, duration and precision. Let’s go!

Microblading pencil with the best quality-price ratio

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This drugstore product will help you achieve defined eyebrows with high precision, as it has an ultra-smooth fine tip that will achieve a natural finish.

The application is very simple: first use the fine-tipped pencil to draw the hairs of your eyebrow and fill in the gaps. You don’t need to be extremely neat. When you achieve the desired volume, the second step is to use the other end which has a brush to comb and get a natural result. This step will help to blur the strokes and achieve a more natural result.

Fact: You can use the pencil at the end of your makeup, to make fake freckles that can give you that fresh and natural summer look.

The Best Microblading Pencil for Precision

This pencil uses a liquid formula developed specifically for eyebrows, made waterproof, designed with a brush-like tip that achieves a high level of precision and the coveted hair-by-hair effect.

The applicator achieves what it sets out to do, creating strokes very similar to real hair, so brows look naturally full, voluminous and well-defined.

Fact: Store your product horizontally so the tip is always moisturized.meda and achieve better precision from the first application.

The best long-lasting microblading pencil

Maybelline’s Tattoo Brow has revolutionized the market, because the effect it achieves is long-lasting without the need to re-apply the product. It is ideal for use in a make-up look at night where you need your makeup to be durable or when you know you have a long day and you need your makeup to accompany you throughout the day.

To apply, the first thing you should do is use the brush to fill in and design the eyebrow to your liking. You must wait about 20 minutes for the dye to dry and then, you must remove the film that formed which will achieve a full and well-defined eyebrow.

Tip: Didn’t like the result? No problem! You can remove the dye from the product using apple cider vinegar.

The best microblading pencil to define the look

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer defines itself as the ‘all in one’ brow product because with its triangular-edged retractable pencil you can define, detail and fill in your brows.

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The eye-catching thing about this product is its applicator pencil that features a three-edged tip in different sizes, which is ideal for versatility in application. You can use the flat side to shade and outline brows, the medium side to fill in and define and finally, the fine tip to create the effect of hair.

Fact: It comes in a wide variety of colours. It comes in 12 shades.

The best microblading pencil for fine brows

This ultra-precise pencil fills in brows with very natural strokes that mimic the shape of hair. The highly pigmented, easy-to-blend formula will help turn unshapely, undefined brows into full, well-defined, bushy brows.

The fine tip allows you to build up the brow without the need for precision. To begin, draw short, upward strokes with light touches that follow the direction of hair growth. Then, use the brush to gently comb the eyebrows, which will evenly distribute the colour, soften the strokes, blend and discipline the eyebrow hairs.

Fact: Comes in a mini version (no brush) ideal for carrying in your purse and touching up your brows when you need to.

Buying Guide: What You Need to Know About MicrobladingPencils

Eyebrows are what give your face its frame, what will make your eyes look more natural or sexy like the longed-for foxy-eye that’s all the rage these days. In this section we have made a summary of the most frequently asked questions about the microblading technique, its advantages and disadvantages and cosmetic products that mimic this finish.

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What is microblading

pencil? The microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique, which is performed with a small metal pen making micro-cuts in the skin where pigment is introduced thus achieving fill and draw the eyebrows with lack or absence of hair.
This procedure has become trend-topic in the cosmetic world, as it manages to correct and even rebuild the eyebrow using a technique of hair by hair that results in a very natural effect.
The environment where it is performed must be sterilized and disposable tools for single use should be used. When performed by the right professionals and with the right step by step, the treatment is practically painless. (1)

Fact: In this article we have focused on eyebrow microblading, but this technique can also be performed on lips, eyes and even the areola of the breasts.

What is the microblading


To perform this procedure, small cuts are made in the skin where the pigments are deposited. The microblading is a quick healing method that provides much more natural results compared to other techniques such as micropigmentation or eyebrow tattooing.
It is essential to know the ingredients of the ink to be applied and consider whether your skin may have allergies or some kind of reaction.
You should always perform this type of procedure in qualified sites, which have the corresponding instruments and perform an allergy test as recommended by the professional. (2)

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What is the microblading


The technique of microblading achieves an effect that mimics the appearance of natural eyebrow hair almost perfectly. It is for this reason that it has become one of the most striking and coveted procedures for women looking to avoid makeup every day.
Its duration will be linked to the type of skin and lifestyle of each person, but the average is between a year and a year and a half approximately.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of microblading

pencil? To answer this question we have synthesized the information in a table so that you can visualize all the information about the advantages and disadvantages of using the microblading technique:


  • Aesthetics: Microblading achieves a very natural effect resulting in bushy eyebrows that will be designed especially for you and your face type. It is an ideal procedure if you have bushy eyebrows.If your eyebrows look very thin, without shape or if you have undergone any medical treatment that has resulted in hair loss in your eyebrows.
  • Time: Being a procedure that provides a semi-permanent result will prevent you from having to make up your eyebrows every day.
  • Universal: Any person regardless of face shape or skin tone can have this procedure done. Both the eyebrow design and the dye to be used will be specially adapted for you.
  • Care: Once the treatment is done, it is not necessary to take too much special care. You should pay attention not to expose yourself to the sun, swim or make up eyebrows the first week, then you can follow your usual routine.


  • Allergy: We recommend you to take an allergy test between one and two days before the procedure to avoid any kind of reaction.
  • Duration: Although the duration could be one of the advantages for which you choose this type of procedure… if the result is not to your liking, you will have to wait for the time to diminish the effect.

What types of products are available to simulate the microblading

pencil effect? There are all kinds of cosmetic products that mimic the microblading effect and your choice will depend on the type of eyebrow you like, the look you’re going for and the practicality of application.

They come in pencil, brush, long-lasting liquids and even with brush applicator with clear gel or dye, which would be an ideal option if you are one of those who do not like to spend a lot of time in the day to day makeup.

The design of your eyebrows will be aligned to your style and personality. (Source: Soroush Karimi ZcczBXrkXgA/ Unsplash)

Myth or Fact: Does microblading


Performing microblading

itself is not a painful technique, since prior to the procedure an anesthetic ointment is applied which minimizes the sensation of pain. Logically it will depend on each person, but in itself, the process is non-invasive and practically painless.

Purchasing Criteria


choosing a procedure or product, you should always consider different factors that will incline you towards one or the other. Below, we have detailed the 4 fundamental aspects to consider:

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There are different procedures and products that will make your eyebrows look neat, full and give the desired frame to your face. At first glance

The procedures and products may look the same, but there are major differences and we have detailed them in this table.

Type Duration Technique Finish
microblading Between 6 months and 1 year and a half Hair by hair Imitates natural hair growth
Micropigmentation From 2 to 5 years Hair by hair + Shading (Shading) Eyebrow more protagonist. Imitates hair growth and fills in the gaps.
Eyebrow tattooing Permanent Shading applied in deeper layers of the skin. Eyebrow more prominent and filled in.


Beyond the type of eyebrow you want to achieve, it will be essential to try the different finishes and confirm what looks best on you and aligns with your style and personality.

If you prefer a dark, prominent and well-defined brow, micropigmentation is most likely a suitable option for you. As well as eyebrow tints with more colour and definition in their final finish.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more natural and ‘feathery’ finish, you can opt for the microblading or cosmetic products for daily use such as make-up brushes or gels with or without pigment that will provide instant texture to your every-day look.

microblading-1-162014193_e.jpg” alt=” width=”848″ height=”565″ /> Eyebrows are the frame of the face. (Source: garinchadwick: RiZr1-ndmcY/ Unsplash)


The duration will depend on the type of treatment you use, your skin type, and how your body responds to the pigments. Microblading has an average duration of between 6 months and 1 year and a half, while micropigmentation can last up to 5 years and tattooing in permanent format.

As with any treatment, you will have to maintain it from time to time, following the professional’s advice to ensure that the effect lasts as long as possible and in the best way possible, avoiding premature discoloration.


If we leave aside the aesthetic treatments we have already talked about and we focus on cosmetic products that mimic the microblading effect and its formats, we will say that basically in the market we can find:

  • Retractable pencil
  • Pencil with brush tip
  • Eyebrow dye
  • brush or brush in transparent or colored gel.

Each product achieves a different effect on the finish of the eyebrow and can even be combined to achieve the desired end result.
It will be a matter of trying what best suits you and the look you are trying to achieve.


The eyebrow trend is still going strong and nowadays there are many different types of treatments and products that will suit every need.

Are you looking for a natural and realistic look for your eyes? Do you want to lift the arch of your eyebrow and give your eyes a striking makeover? Are you one of those who don’t like to wear too much make-up and prefer a treatment that will revive your eyebrows and that’s enough?

In this article we have covered all the treatments, products and procedures that are on the market and that will frame your face, enhancing your beauty, looking for what suits you beyond the trends.

(Featured Image Source: Hbrhs: 157089777/ 123rf)