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Over the course of this first half of the year, the Asian chipmaker has launched a whole host of 5G solutions under the Dimensity banner, seen on board devices from Huawei, Honor, ZTE, Redmi, OPPO and others. The latest addition was the Dimensity 720, a product that aims to bring new life to the mid-range, at an affordable price. In the meantime, the first rumors about the MediaTek Dimensity 2000, the brand’s next top solution, are starting to make their way out.

Update 29/07: new rumors about the arrival of MediaTek Dimensity 2000 come from a leak. Find all the details at the end of the article.

MediaTek Dimensity 2000: everything we know

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moment we know very little about this new chipset of the company, although persistent rumors report that the launch is expected during the first months of 2022. There will be a long wait (although time flies …) but it will be worth it: MediaTek Dimensity 2000 will raise the bar not a little compared to the current 1000 and 1000 +

. Unlike these, in fact, we should have an improved manufacturing process: initially there was talk of a process to 5 nm, accompanied by a significant improvement in performance, but it seems that things could be different.

Remember that the current top model is made with ARM Cortex A77 CPU and is able to push up to a maximum frequency of 2.6 GHz. What will be the specifications of the new top processor and how far can it go? Below you will find a collection of all the rumors and confirmations dedicated to the future SoC.

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Are 5nm chipsets at risk? MediaTek deniesDespite the fact that

there is

no official confirmation from the Taiwanese company, the first rumors spoke of a debut of MediaTek in the field of 5 nm SoC. Initially, the reference period was set to the first quarter of 2021 but as we know well, at the moment the company has not yet announced the new top chipset.

Moreover, increasingly persistent rumors have referred to possible delays in production, due to the dispute between Huawei and the US. MediaTek has stated on multiple occasions that the ban of the Chinese giant will not create serious problems

. In short, the situation is quite complicated but MediaTek is confident about its chips.

Dimensity 2000 the first one with Cortex-X2?

New interesting rumor comes from the web about the next top-of-the-line chipset from MediaTek. In fact, it seems that its architecture may consist of the new Super Core Cortex-X2, successor to the previous X1 but 16% more powerful and that’s saying something. He is joined by the large Core Cortex-A710 and small A510. For the GPU instead, there would then be the Mali-G79, which seems to promise very powerful too.

All these predictions are definitely gloating Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and Honor, who say they are ready to adopt this hardware solution, perhaps to be placed side by side to the just more powerful (but just in a small way) solution Snapdragon 895

from Qualcomm.

MediaTek Dimensity 2000 when is it coming? All the news | Update

29/07Unlike what was predicted at the beginning, MediaTek could launch its new high-end chipset in 2022. If at the moment, in fact, there’s talk of new 6nm SoCs – namely the Dimensity 1200 and 1100

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– we’ll have to wait a little longer to see the 5nm ones on the market. So, the timing could be slightly dilated compared to what was initially expected.

However, the well-known leaker Digital Chat Station and some Chinese media have reported an interesting news. It seems that the next top chipset MediaTek will not be 5nm but it will be a 4nm solution (already the protagonist of some rumors

in recent weeks). Apparently the Asian manufacturer could skip a generation and become the first brand in the industry to launch a 4nm SoC: this should be the much talked about Dimensity 2000. mediatek dimensity 2000 uscita 29/07mediatek dimensity 2000 uscita 29/07

In any case, however, it seems that MediaTek may anticipate at least the presentation of the chipset towards the end of 2021, according to Digital Chat Station, although it is a bit behind in testing compared to the Snapdragon 898

, alleged rival of this new SoC. But it is not excluded that in reality the Taiwanese chipmaker may still market it in Q1 2022, then anticipating everyone, since the American solution would come to be marketed in Q2 of next year.

Also according to rumors, it seems that MediaTek is also preparing a 3 nm solution, also in this case coming in the course of next year.

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