Twenty years after the release of The Matrix, Neo and Trinity are back in action in Matrix Resurrections. The writers of the film, David Mitchell and Aleksandar Hemon, have discussed the secrets of the making of this new opus for io9. We warn you now: this article contains spoilers for Matrix Resurrections. So, if you haven’t seen the fourth part of Lana Wachowski’s saga yet, you’d better stop reading and come back later.

What do the writers of Matrix Resurrections think?

Beware of Matrix Resurrections spoilers!

io9 were able to discuss many key points of Matrix Resurrections with David Mitchell and Aleksandar Hemon. Remember that the movie takes place sixty years after the events of the last opus. How old is that! However, Matrix Resurrections juggles a lot between the present and the events of the previous films. There is a lot of overlapping of scenes to show the infernal cycle in which Neo and company are stuck. And making these complex scenes clearer for the viewer was a major challenge for the writers. In the same vein, Aleksandar Hemon said that the transition from modal to “real life” was another challenge they faced.

Regarding the characters, many were disappointed not to find Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus or Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith. According to the writers, a new Morpheus was always in the cards for Lana Wachowski. And it makes sense: the film takes place sixty years later. The Morpheus we knew has been gone for a while… However, it seems that the team of the film wanted to bring back Hugo Weaving in the role of Agent Smith, but everything did not go as planned. So Jonathan Groff took over. For the best!

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What we liked in Matrix Resurrections is the mise en abyme at the beginning of the film. Thomas Anderson is now a famous creator of a video game saga called… Matrix. Years after the release of three successful parts, he is asked to work on a fourth opus. This does not please Thomas Anderson at all. The icing on the cake is that the parent company asking for this fourth game is none other than Warner Bros. which also produces the Matrix quadrilogy. Finally, it’s a bit like what happened with Lana Wachowski who refused for a long time to make a sequel to her trilogy. A small, well-felt pique that could have offended the company.

But according to the writers, despite some apprehension, Warner Bros. took this slight mockery rather well, as long as it was done respectfully. It seems they were so excited about the idea of a fourth Matrix that they let it go without a problem.

And the end in all this? Is the last chance that Neo and Trinity talk about to find each other despite the hardships or to free humanity from the machines and the Matrix? For the two writers of Resurrections, is a bit of both. “Love will liberate the real world,” said Aleksandar Hemon.

Will there be more Matrix movies?

One of the big questions we’re all asking ourselves: now that the machine has been relaunched, will there be more Matrix movies? For the moment, we’re leaning more towards a negative answer. But the writers of Resurrections are not closing any doors. Who knows? Of course, it could be interesting to keep on digging but we doubt that Lana Wachowski wants to pull the string too much. However, we’ve been hearing rumors about another Matrix movie and series for a while now, so the universe will live on in one way or another…

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