Mass Effect Legendary Edition Game News: BioWare confronts players with their choices with an infographic

Published on 07/27/2021 at 21:08

Launched on May 14 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with compatibility on PS5 and Xbox Series, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition has allowed many players to discover or rediscover the original trilogy


Two and a half months later, BioWare has released a series of statistics on the choices made, the most used companions, the specializations taken, and the profile of Shepard chosen by players. If you’re planning to play Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

or are in the process of doing so, the following is a major risk of spoilers on certain story points. If you don’t want to take the risk, this is where we part ways. For the rest of you, we’ll see you right after the image gallery below.

First of all, BioWare informs us that 68% of players chose to play the male version of Shepard, and that 32% preferred to play the female version. A noticeable change, since when Mass Effect 3 was released in 2012, 80% of players chose the male Shepard. 40% of players decided to take the Soldier class, while 21% chose to play as a Standard Bearer and 15% preferred the Maverick class. In order, the Adept, Sentinel and Engineer classes split the rest. Overall, players decided that Shepard was born on Earth (52%), and that his psychological profile was that of a Survivor (44%), just ahead of the War Hero (43%).

SpoilShowHideMass Effect Legendary Edition : BioWare met les joueurs en face de leurs choix avec une infographieIn terms of

in-game choices, 60% of buyers saved Ashley Williams on Virmire over Kaidan Alenko. The balance is much more unbalanced for the Krogan Wrex, saved by 94% of players. The ratio is roughly the same for Queen Rachni, saved by 93% of the players. In contrast, only 33% of players saved the queen in Mass Effect 3. As for the genophage, 96% of players decided to cure it, and just as many made sure that Tali was pardoned by the Quarian fleet.

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fact, 80% of the players managed to establish peace between the Geth and the Quarians.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition : BioWare met les joueurs en face de leurs choix avec une infographieThe developers also measured the probability of survival of the characters during the suicide mission of Mass Effect 2 and we find, in order: Garrus, Jacob, Grunt, Miranda, Legion, Samara, Kasumi, Thane, Zaeed, Jack, Tali and Mordin. In terms of popularity, it’s no surprise that Garrus comes out on tope, ahead of Tali, Liara, Wrex, Ashley and Kaidan. Bioware concluded its infographic by noting that 68% of players decided to punch the reporter in the first installment, and, in a totally humorous twist, that 100% of players spent way too much time looking for the last Eyes Only to scan on the Citadel while swearing they scanned it. Mass Effect Legendary Edition : BioWare met les joueurs en face de leurs choix avec une infographie

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