For the past few years, Facebook has been rolling out more and more features focused on the video format. Whether on the social network of the same name or on Instagram. During the announcement of the second quarter results, Mark Zuckerberg proudly declared that video now represents almost half of the time spent on Facebook.

This is a particularly encouraging statistic for the company, which has made great efforts to provide its users with ever more video content. Zuckerberg points out that Instagram has largely contributed to this evolution of time spent watching videos. Last summer, Instagram launched Reels, a format of short videos largely inspired by TikTok, which support IGTV, the format of long videos deployed by Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg explains that the Reels feature is “the biggest contributor to engagement growth.”

The storm before the calm

Unfortunately, neither Zuckerberg nor any Facebook executive was willing to disclose more specific statistics. The comments from Mark Zuckerberg himself come as the company announced one of its strongest growths in years, with revenues of more than $29 billion, a 56% increase over last year. Note that the Facebook group claims more than 3.5 billion active users per month.

Still, Facebook’s CEO was transparent in explaining that this quarter’s strong results do not reflect the rest of 2021. Facebook expects revenue and growth to “decelerate significantly” in the second half of the year, CFO Dave Wehner said. The latter also says that the much-touted iOS 14.5 update that allows users to opt out of ad tracking is expected to have a significant impact as early as next quarter.

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