Apple’s Maps continues to improve version after version of iOS, and with the upcoming iOS 15, it’s no exception. In the beta 3 of iOS 15, the Maps app takes weather alerts into account for driving trips.

First highlighted by user ChrisSDreiling on Reddit, the new Maps feature allows drivers to be warned of flash flooding notes about the route they should take, suggesting alternatives to avoid roads affected by flooding.

With the increasing occurrence of extreme weather events, weather events that often occur suddenly and without warning, such a feature is certainly useful and will be well received by users. It remains to be seen which events Maps will be able to take into account and for which geographical areas.

Mappe su iOS 15 mostra allerte meteorologiche nei percorsi suggeritiMappe su iOS 15 mostra allerte meteorologiche nei percorsi suggeriti

Maps in iOS 15 offers many other new features: an interactive world map full of even more detailed representations of mountain ranges, deserts, forests, oceans and more, new features while driving (the ability, while behind the wheel, to see at a glance how the traffic is, if there are any accidents, and other useful details such as turning lanes, bike lanes, bus and taxi lanes, traffic islands and crosswalks); when the user approaches a complicated junction, Maps shows a 3D street-level perspective to help get into the right lane.

The Macrumors site reports that the public transportation map has been redesigned to take advantage of new city details, and now shows major bus routes as well. While en route, you can see the route and interact with one hand in the new interface. And when we’re close to our stop, Maps alerts you that it’s almost time to get off.

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There are new place cards (to find information and contacts of businesses and learn more about geographical elements such as mountain ranges), search functions have been improved (you can filter results by type of cuisine, or see only those that offer takeaway service or are open at that time), there are new details for cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London (with details of streets, trees, buildings and monuments), possibility to activate immersive turn-by-turn directions (which appear in augmented reality). If you use public transport often, you can see the times of all the departures in the vicinity with a tap; you can also fix your favorite lines at the top, so they will always appear at the top of the list if there are stops nearby.