Dyson, the British household appliance brand, has fallen prey to a new scam on Instagram. This one is multiplying, especially in France, and is starting to alert the media. This weekend, it is particularly on Twitter that Internet users have expressed their displeasure.

“Unbearable” wrote for example Thomas, who mentioned the name of the brand in his tweet. “We fight against fraudulent offers and pages on a daily basis by systematically asking the platforms concerned to block them. However, there are sometimes delays in removing these pages, and this is independent of our actions,” Dyson explained a few hours later.

The situation is likely critical. At the Presse-citron editorial office, we are also several concerned. Hundreds of malicious accounts mentioning people on Instagram to tell them they’ve won the latest Dyson vacuum cleaner or the latest hairdryer popular with influencers are being targeted.

The scam of the fake accounts is very simple: after informing you of your gift, you are asked to provide several of your personal details and in particular your bank details to pay the shipping costs of the product to your home (usually less than two euros in their message).

“We advise you not to transmit your personal information” informed Dyson, in response to another Internet user. “Spam”, “scam”, “fraudulent offers and pages”, the brand used all the possible terms to evoke this increasingly important problem.

“Four to five times a day”

The problem is this: the Dyson free product scam is very popular. Some people receive messages from scam accounts several times a day. “4 to 5 times a day, on both my Insta accounts (pro and personal),” Seb wrote.

Banking information is not the only thing that could put you at risk. Behind the redirect links, hackers can easily install software on your device, or retrieve your personal data such as your email address to send you more elaborate “phishing” scams.

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Dyson is starting to suffer as some imagine the company could limit the proliferation of the scam. BadFortunately, this is beyond its reach. Its image and the attractiveness of its products have been judiciously selected by the malicious ones as Dyson has a good reputation and a general public target.