For a walk, to go to work or school and even for sport. Bicycles are a means of transport that takes care of the planet, as well as taking care of our health thanks to the fact that it makes us move.

Nowadays this transport is booming thanks to the campaigns that are implemented in big cities, especially to avoid the agglomeration of private motor vehicles in the main streets.

But, how do we transport a bicycle if we want to use it far from our home? In this article we offer you a solution and explain the functionality of a trunk bike carrier. This way, you can always take your bike with you wherever you go.

The most important thing

  • The luggage compartment bike carrier is a convenient and practical way of transporting bicycles on a journey.
  • It is important to differentiate between a trunk bike carrier and a roof bike carrier or towball bike carrier.
  • It is important to consider important factors such as being lightweight, foldable and economical.

The best trunk bike racks on the market: Our recommendations

Here are the four best luggage racks on the market according to the specific needs of each user. The different types we show you are as follows: bike rack with rear safety light, tilt bike rack, tailgate van bike rack and bike rack with capacity for a single bike.

The best trunk bike carrier with safety tail light

COSTWAY Rear Bike Carrier with Safety Tail Light has a load capacity of up to 30 kg and a holder for 2 bicycles. These two bicycles must have a tyre width of 20 to 90 millimetres.

In addition, its dimensions are 113 x 72 x 63 centimetres and it is made of steel, and covered with plastic to prevent the bikes from getting scratched. The safety light, on the other hand, increases visibility in the dark and thus avoids possible accidents. It should also be added that this light is mandatory whenever the load exceeds the limits of the vehicle.

The best luggage rack with a tilting luggage compartment

Thule HangOn 4, is an easy to use tipping bike carrier with a total weight of 10.31 kg and dimensions of 75 x 47 x 10 centimeters. The colors of this bike rack are gray and black and its composition is aluminum.

It should be added that it is characterized by its practicality, since being foldable can be easily transported inside the trunk of the car and has capacity, once deployed, to carry up to 4 bicycles.

The best trunk bike carrier for hatchback vans

With a capacity of up to 3 bikes, MENABO 8003168040187 Bike carrier is the ideal accessory for your tailgate van. It weighs 45 kg and is made of steel and aluminium.

Its dimensions are 90 x 60 x 50 centimetres and it is easy to assemble, as it does not require any specific knowledge from the user, which is a very positive fact in terms of simplicity and speed.

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The best bicycle carrier for 1 bike


The Allen Sports Premier, is a good choice of trunk bike carrier if you intend to carry only 1 bike. Its light weight of 11 kg allows you to mount it with agility. In addition, its load capacity is a bike up to 16 kg.

This bike rack measures 86 x 30 x 35 centimetres and is mainly made of plastic and aluminium. It is black in color, and has a locking rack that potentially secures the bike.

Buying Guide: What You Should Know About Trunk Bike Rack

If you are looking for a bike rack

for your trunk, it is imperative that you know the main features of this product to be able to choose more effectively which product to buy. In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with the most common questions asked by users, and their answers:

The luggage compartment bike rack is a convenient and practical item for transporting bicycles on a journey. (Source: soloway: 111335898/ 123rf)

What is a trunk bike rack?

A trunk bike rack is an object that can be attached to the trunk of a vehicle, which is used to easily transport bicycles.

Depending on the number of bicycles you need to transport, you will need a bicycle rack of a larger or smaller size and capacity.

In addition, the bicycle carrier needs to have a signalling plate (V-20) warning of the load that exceeds the usual measurements of the vehicle. This plate is occasionally incorporated into the product. Usually, the user who needs it buys it on his own.

What types of luggage racks are there on the market?

  • Tailgate bike rack. This bike rack is based on an articulated system fixed to the trunk of the vehicle by means of hooks and straps that ensure its fastening.
  • Spare wheel bicycle carrier. Also known as a bike rack for 4×4 vehicles, it has the ability to attach to the spare wheel that usually have the SUVs in their rear doors.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a luggage rack?

The main advantages of a trunk bike carrier are the following: they are not too expensive compared to roof racks or tow ball racks, for example. In addition, they are easy to mount thanks to their straps or suction cups. They are also easy to store, as most of them are foldable and, finally, they have a large capacity of up to four bikes.

As for the disadvantages, it is worth mentioning the possible contact with the bodywork of the car, which can cause scratches or dents on it. In addition, the straps can become slack. Finally, if our trunk bike rack covers the license plate and/or lights, it is necessary to add a license plate holder and a light box, in order to signal and not obstruct the vision of other drivers h

No damage to our car.

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  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to store
  • Capacity up to 4 bikes


  • Possible damage to the bodywork
  • Possible wear and tear of straps
  • Need to add license plate holder and light frame

How do you mount a trunk bike rack?

There are many ways to mount a trunk bike rack, as it will depend on the model you use and the fastening system it offers, as well as its dimensions. In most cases, they usually use nylon straps to secure the rack to the car, and usually have a capacity of two to four bikes. In

addition, you have to take into account the visibility of the driver, because depending on where you place it you can completely cover the rear window of the vehicle and can be a handicap for the driver and safe driving.

We must differentiate between trunk bike rack and roof bike rack or towball bike rack. (Source: mickisfotowelt: 134756759/ 123rf)

What are the alternatives to the luggage rack?

The main function of a bike rack is, as the name suggests, to transport bicycles from one place to another in a motor vehicle such as a car or van, for example. In this article we have shown the main features of a trunk bike rack, however, there are other types of bike racks to highlight:

  • Roof bike carrier. This type of bike carrier is mounted on the roof of the vehicle, usually on top of the roof racks. These bike racks can be for bicycles mounted with both wheels, or for bicycles mounted without the front wheel. They are more expensive than trunk bike racks and require more time and skill to install.
  • Tow ball bike carrier. This type of bike rack is very convenient. If you’re thinking of buying a towball bike rack, you can choose between two different types: towball-mounted bike racks and towball platform-mounted bike racks. Both types allow the luggage compartment to be opened easily, which is a very valuable feature if you are looking for comfort and practicality.
Luggage compartment bike carrier Roof bike carrier Towball bike carrier
At the rear of the vehicle On the top of the vehicle On the rear of the vehicle
Standard price High price High price
Body damage No body damage No damage to the bodywork

Purchasing Criteria

If you are thinking of buying a bike rack for your trunk, it is essential that you take into account different aspects about the product. Below, we provide you with the following information

Here are the four most important types of luggage compartment bike carriers to consider:


Convenience and volume are two essential features to take into account when talking about the storage system.

The trunk bike carrier is characterized, among other things, by its ability to be easily folded and, thus, can be stored without complications. The dimensions of this product once folded, vary depending on the model and its capacity, however, it will easily fit inside your trunk or in any other space when you are not using it and you prefer to keep it stored.

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With reflector

Usually, when the bike rack is mounted in the back of the car, specifically in the trunk, the bike and the bike rack itself protrude from the vehicle.

To avoid accidents and, above all, to comply with the road traffic regulations of the General Vehicle Regulations, it is essential to complement the bicycle carrier with a V20 sign, which is characterised by its size of 50 x 50 centimetres with rounded edges, is made of aluminium and contains red and white stripes that make it more eye-catching.

It is important to take into account important factors such as being lightweight, foldable and economical. (Source: boggy22: 77622015/ 123rf)


The great advantage of a trunk bike rack being a tilting one lies in the ease of access to the trunk that it allows the user to access the trunk.

However, it is important to note that no bicycles should be mounted on top of the carrier when it is being tilted, as their weight could damage the carrier and even break it.


There are two different types of attachment for a luggage compartment bike carrier:

  • With straps. This type of fastening is easy to fit and is usually light in weight. However, the main disadvantage is the wear and tear that the straps can have and the danger that this entails for driving.
  • With suction cups. This type of fasteners are placed on the rear window of the vehicle. This is a useful system, although its main disadvantage is the lack of visibility for the driver, as the bicycles obstruct the driver’s field of vision completely, or to a large extent, through the central rear-view mirror.


In short, the trunk bike rack is a very simple product to use, at the same time very practical and lightweight. Moreover, it is not necessary for the user to be an expert in the field of this type of product, it is not necessary to master how to assemble a bike rack.

It is also worth remembering that there are different types of bike racks and each of them meets the needs of a different type of user. In this case, the trunk bike rack offers convenience of mounting, is more affordable financially speaking, and can be folded and stored easily and quickly.

Whether you’re taking it to the beach or the mountains, on a short or long trip, for larger bikes, or for a more compact and compact bike carrier, you can take it with you.Whether large or smaller, the trunk bike rack does its job: transporting bikes anywhere, in a large or small car or even in vans.

(Featured image source: nobilior: 62210518/ 123rf)