If you want to go beyond just photos and videos, try the Loopsie app. Designed for iPhone, it allows you to create impressive multimedia files such as 3D photos, D3D parallel videos, long-exposure images, light trails, Living Photos and much more, all from a single application and without the need to have who knows what technical knowledge in the field.

“All it takes is a little creativity,” the developers write in the description accompanying the app’s download tab. “Our living videos, 3D photos and photo effects make your videos unique and make your content stand out from other photos and videos. Forget the old photo filters and photo editors, welcome our new video loops.”


As for three-dimensional photos, you can create one using the app’s built-in 3D camera or starting from an existing traditional photograph, perhaps already in the iPhone camera roll. You can choose between two different modes, one standard and one with the classic vintage wiggle d3d effect. The app can also create long exposure effects in seconds, or it can “turn on” the lights on photographs captured with the same technique to reveal light trails in night shots.

The app also includes a number of tools for capturing videos and editing them directly in the app: for example, there’s a system that can easily remove hand shake in videos by stabilizing the shot without the need for a tripod. The user interface is also particularly intuitive and accessible to everyone: “recording a Loopsie is as easy as taking a selfie” they explain.


You can create videos with a continuous loop or with a boomerang back and forth effect: this effect foresees that a part of the video is kept still while another part is automatically reproduced ad infinitum. The “Loopsie” effect always works, but it works best when the background is a waterfall or stream, a crackling fire, the sea, city traffic, a windy landscape or a moving background in general.

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The Loopsie app is available for the iPhone and is distributed free of charge on the App Store and Google Play Store. Currently there is version 5.22.0 that requires about 230 MB of space and at least iOS version 12 to be installed. It is also localized in Italian and collects a variety of data, including those identified byand app usage that are collected and linked to the user’s identity for the specific purpose of monitoring the user. It is possible to unlock one or more features either by purchasing the complete package at €64.99 or with weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions with prices ranging from €6.49 to €21.99.