Food grilled to perfection: that’s the promise of Weber Connect technology on the new Genesis II EX-315 GBS gas grill. We tried it out.

The Genesis II EX-315 GBS is one of the first barbecues to feature Weber Connect technology. Launched last year with the Smart Grilling Hub, it works with the mobile app of the same name and offers full support for grilling. A godsend for us amateur cooks, but is it really enough to master such a device?

It must be said that the Genesis II EX-315 GBS is quite impressive. More than a barbecue, it is almost a small kitchen on wheels that Weber offers, with a closed storage space underneath and a small work surface on each side. It is in one of these worktops that the Weber Connect technology has been integrated, or at least that it materialises with the box in which the cooking probes are connected – two slots are provided, but only one probe is supplied.

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Note that a third probe is provided above the grill, and a screen and some controls are also provided for smartphone-free use: it’s then possible to track temperatures and set alerts. Weber Connect allows you to do the same thing from your smartphone, but also offers programs and recipes with step-by-step guides, which is the main difference with iGrill, the manufacturer’s other connected cooking technology. It is available on the probes of the same name as well as on the Pulse electric barbecues.

The configuration to the smallest detail

To take advantage of Weber Connect – which does not, however, allow you to control the Genesis II EX-315 GBS remotely – you must first download the application of the same name and connect the barbecue. Weber offers Bluetooth by default, but it is then possible to switch to wifi to avoid being out of range.

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In any case, the configuration is very fast and then the serious things can begin. The more experienced can simply set up core temperature alerts – as with iGrill – but the app also offers a timer, cooking programs and recipes. It is obviously these last two features that we are most interested in.

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Programs to get you started

The programs are to be used for simple grilling. The app allows you to select different cuts of beef, pork, poultry, lamb or fish, and asks you to enter the desired cooking time and the weight or thickness of the piece in order to adjust the cooking parameters. Then simply launch the program and let yourself be guided.

The app breaks the programs down into two main stages – preparation and cooking – and each is made up of several very short steps. There is usually an action to perform, and Weber has also provided illustrations for each one (diagram, photo or video) as well as alerts to remind you to turn the meat or fish over and remove it from the heat. So we feel very well accompanied, even if we sometimes encountered small bugs with the alerts.

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The operation is very similar with the recipes, with the difference that they are generally longer preparations and involving more ingredients to season or accompany the meat or fish that remains in the heart of the plate. It should be noted, however, that cooking and weight are often imposed in the recipes, and that certain conversions have been forgotten for weight and thickness, which are displayed in Anglo-Saxon units of measurement.

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Remember that Weber is American, which can be felt in some recipes. A small point about the recipes, Weber told us that they want to regularly update them to make them more complete. He should be releasing them every three months or so and has already planned to add smoking cooking in the near future. We would also like to find recipes for roasted vegetables. Remember that the barbecue is not necessarily reserved for “meat lovers” and that some vegetables are also very well suited to it. You will be able to appreciate our live demonstration of the Weber Genesis II EX-315 GBS, which we published on our Twitch channel.

For now, Weber Connect still lacks a bit of variety in terms of recipes, and we hope to see the few bugs we encountered disappear soon. However, we think the barbecue specialist is on the right track. The preparation instructions are clear and the automatic adjustment of the settings forms, together with the notification system, a formidable duo to ensure successful cooking. We will obviously be keen to compare Weber Connect with competing applications and in particular that of Severin, whose <a href=”https://www.lesnumeriques.com/divers-electromenager/sevo-smart-control-severin-lance-ses-premiers-ebbq-connectes-n162123.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>the PG 8138 SEVO Smart ControlGT, also in the editorial office.