Until now, the motorized brushes of Dyson upright vacuums were compatible with each other. The Dyson V12 Slim prefers to go it alone and only works with the motorized accessories provided.

Dyson V12 Slim Absolute

Launch price €599

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How the price table works

The Dyson catalogue of upright vacuums is rich, very rich. Since the DC-16 in 2006, the British manufacturer has refined its concept to arrive at theThe V15 Detect Absolute Extra is equipped with a dust laser and particle counter. But, with very few exceptions (theOmni-glide not to mention, but due to a very particular architecture), the accessories are compatible from one model to another. Concretely, if you own a model more recent than the V6, you will be able to use the different brushes with your V15 Detect Absolute Extra without any preconceived ideas and vice versa. Of course, some options may not work: a V8 will not be able to adapt its suction power according to the floor on which the High Torque smart brush passes, for example.

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Despite appearances, these are not the same brushes


But recent tests of the Dyson V12 Slim Absolute have given us a little surprise… Our lab hosts many Dyson brush vacuums that we use to refine our test protocols, go back over old measurements, or take some photos to illustrate duels. We also have a solid collection of accessories and it is not uncommon to use the brush of a V10 on a V15. That’s what we wanted to do with the V12 Slim Absolute, but when it came time to fit it with the V15’s laser brush, clipping the latter proved impossible – as did the reverse.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> La brosse du V12 Slim à gauche, celle du V15 à droite.

The V12 Slim brush on the left, the V15 brush on the right


Yet, the brushes look rigorously identical. You have to look carefully at the part to clip on the suction tube to discover the pot aux roses. First of all, the outer part of the V12 Slim’s suction head, connected to the suction tube or to the main block (for the mini brush) is very slightly bevelled. In addition, the part that protects the electrical connectors (that supply the suction heads with power) is a bit smaller. In short, even if you force it, you can’t use the old brushes on the V12 Slim and you can’t use the V12 Slim brushes on older Dyson vacuum cleaners. This applies to the electrically powered heads. This is the case for the Fluffy head, the hard bristle head and the mini powerhead, which is used to suck up hair on sofas for example.e. It should be noted that the suction tube is also affected since it has an electrical circuit. On the other hand, the other accessories (long nozzle, flat nozzle…) which do not need energy are always compatible, whatever the appliances used.

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You can clearly see the bevel on the left


It is all the more surprising that another vacuum cleaner stamped “Slim” too, the V8 Slim therefore, does not have this problem: it is quite possible to connect the laser brush of the V15 Detect Absolute.

You can find the test of the V12 Slim vacuum cleaner on September 28th.

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