In today’s article we are going to find out what to consider before buying a set of knee pads. To do this, we need to discover the factors that influence the choice: from materials to use, size and design. Everything counts when it comes to choosing the knee pads that best suit your needs.

The first thing to do is to ask yourself a series of questions. These will be the key to know which knee pads are perfect for you and what budget you should move in. Why do I need them? It is not the same to use knee pads for sports than to keep our joints protected after an injury.

The most important thing

  • We must know that knee pads are not only used by high-level athletes or those who practice sports in which the knees suffer. It is an article with many more uses and intended for a wide variety of people, since they not only protect, but also heal injuries.
  • Our knees have the function of supporting all the weight of the body, so when we are doing any sporting activity is one of the areas that is more resentful. Whether we are athletes or if we have suffered an injury, knee pads will certainly protect us.
  • There are numerous models of knee pads on the market, which gives us a large number of options to choose from. In order to make the right choice and choose the best knee brace, both for our protection and for a specific ailment, we will discuss all the variants below.

The best knee pads on the market: our favourites

There is a wide range of knee pads on the market, although their indications vary depending on the needs of the users. Therefore, we present you below a careful selection of knee braces so that you can choose the most suitable one for you. Pay attention.

The most practical set of knee pads

This knee brace set provides maximum flexibility and support for your knees. They feature two adjustable two-way Velcro straps for better support and include a silicone pad.

The inner fabric wicks away sweat and cold, providing quick drying. They fit your knees perfectly and are perfect for walking, running, football, basketball and even weightlifting.

The ideal knee brace for pain relief

Lepfun S5200 provides strong support for your knees and helps relieve pain. It has three strong velcro straps that do not affect blood circulation.

It is ideal for femoral relaxation, ligament expansion, meniscus tear, arthritis, joint effusion, cycling, running, skiing and climbing.

Breathable, warm and comfortable material (breathable neoprene) with a flexible and anti-slip silicone rubber band.

The best knee brace for value for money

This is a knee brace in the form of a strap with excellent shock absorption. The internal silicone provides adequate protection for the knees thanks to a very high resistance and compression.

An excellent value for money purchase.


Comfortable and flexible: the knee bandage is made of high quality neoprene, soft, light, elastic, breathable and with great durability. Suitable for all types of training.

The best compression knee brace for joints

These knee braces help joint pain relief and recovery from injuries. Made of soft and breathable Spandex compression fabric.

Good elasticity and permeability to water and air.

The item uses exquisite design techniques to protect the stability of leg and knee muscles. No matter what kind of exercise we do, it will keep the joints stable.

The unisex knee brace for everyday use

Aisprts aim is to make sure that their items serve to relieve pain and ensure maximum protection. It improves blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

Made of 68% high quality nylon and 32% spandex


Lightweight, breathable and 100% adjustable. Optimizes movement, reduces skin friction and offers moderate compression. Available in four sizes, it is suitable for everyone.

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Buying Guide: What you need to know about knee braces

There are many types of knee braces on the market. Obviously, it is not the same whether we decide to use them to protect our knees from possible impacts in a high-risk sport or on medical advice after an injury. For this reason, we answer the most frequently asked questions by users.

Hombre corriendoHombre corriendoKnee pads have more volume than the rest of the protections that go on the outside of the clothing. (Source: Spotpoint74: 62790856/

What are knee pads?

As the name suggests, the knee pads are some protections used in the knees to protect them from injury to possible impacts or blows in the practice of a sport.


addition to the specific ones for sports practice, there are others to treat meniscus injuries and ligament stabilizers.

What are knee pads for?

Before getting a knee brace, it is advisable to know what function it will serve. That is why it is crucial to choose the type of knee brace depending on the use to which they will be put. In the following lines we will specify the different reasons why we can use the knee pads. Which one do you identify with?

  • For prevention of an injury: If we have suffered some pain in the knee, it gives us peace of mind to be able to use a protection that holds the joint well.
  • For injury: If we have suffered an injury and we are still in the process of recovery.
  • For being in a postoperative process: prescribed the use of knee pads by our doctor.
  • For sports practice: if we are looking for protection for our knees when we practice extreme sports or simply if we do not want them to be hurt, especially if we are beginners.

What types of sports knee braces are there?

The knee is a strong joint, but delicate at the same time, as it is made up of a multitude of elements such as muscles, ligaments, the meniscus and other bone components with different characteristics. That is why there are numerous models of sports knee pads and different materials. We will tell you about them below:

Type Features
CrossFitknee pads Fabric: they provide compression and temperature.

Neoprene: provide warmth and help prevent injuries.

Compressive bandage type: extreme compression. They are used to improve performance.

Running knee pads Cushion impact and vibration.

Provide stability to the kneecap.

Knee pads for other sports These are used for skating, cycling or hockey.

They are more bulky than the previous ones because they have a large pad in the center.

They are used to protect knees from injuries and kneecaps from impacts.

Meniscus knee pads They make the whole knee compact so there is less chance of meniscus injury.

A good choice if you have had a recent injury and the affected area is not well muscled.

Fabric knee pads for sports For those who have suffered an injury or ailment and want to avoid further injury.
Pre-surgical and post-surgical orthopaedic knee braces It is necessary for a professional to recommend the type of knee brace you need.
Knee braces for ligaments They have lateral reinforcements or straps, flexible or rigid.

They are used in a process of recovery from a cruciate or lateral ligament injury.

Patellar knee braces Most knee injuries occur in the kneecap.

The most common are the tape, which provide stability in the joint.

They are usually made of neoprene.

They usually leave the kneecap area uncovered.

They provide compression and warmth, which makes it more difficult to suffer injuries.

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What size knee brace do I need?

Choosing the right size for your knee brace is essential. It must fit snugly around your knee and not slip. To find the right size, measure the perimeter of your knee with a flexible tape measure and with your leg straight. If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a string and measure it later.

How are knee pads used?

Knees are very prone to suffer injuries when practicing many sports, so having good knee pads is essential. But we don’t always know the correct way to put them on. That’s why you should learn a few tricks so that knee pads can do their job properly.

  • Put the knee pads on correctly: as they are an elastic accessory, all you have to do is slip them over your ankle and slide them towards your knee. Once in place, adjust the straps by wrapping them around your knee.
  • Best with shorts: wear comfortable clothes for podiatry.Putting on and taking off the knee pads easily is a good idea. Wearing shorts will make it easier to get them on and off.
  • Remove them from time to time: we must let the skin of our knees perspire and remove the knee pads from time to time.
  • Use them whenever you can: Knee pads should be used both during risky sports and if you have a major injury in any of your knees. We advise you to use them regularly, as you will only be able to keep your knees protected for a long time.
  • Take care of them: Keeping the knee pads always clean and cared for is a responsibility that you must carry out to prevent them from getting damaged. That is why it is important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations in order to give them the right care.

mujer tocandose la piernamujer tocandose la piernaGood knee pads are made of materials that allow air to pass through and make you feel comfortable while wearing them. (Source: Demkina: 131921343/

What material are knee pads made of?

Material Advantages Disadvantages
Neoprene Keeps its shape and doesn’t give out easily. If you’re recovering from an injury, you’ll need something stronger.
Copper Improves circulation.

Prevent injury.

Help reduce recovery time after injury.

Expensive compared to other materials.
Fabric They do not smell.

More comfortable than neoprene.

They eventually give way over time.
Velcro Easy to adjust and stays in place when we move.

They come in different sizes.

Tends to wear out quickly.

Is it advisable to buy very low priced knee pads?

The problem with buying very cheap knee braces is that they are likely to be of poor quality. This means that they will not provide enough support for your muscles – they will be comfortable but not effective. In addition, they will wear out sooner than expected. However, if what we want is a knee brace for occasional sports, it makes sense not to buy a high-end brace.

Purchasing criteria

There is a wide range of knee brace models on the market. It is therefore necessary to compare different items before purchasing. In this section we show you important criteria before deciding on a particular product. This way, you will be able to select the best knee pads according to your needs.


There are knee pads in many sizes but it is essential that they fit snugly so that the knee brace does not move more than necessary but at the same time fit comfortably. The most important thing is that the knee brace can be adjusted without any problem. In the previous proposals of our ranking you will find models of this type.

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<img src=”//’%20viewBox=’0%200%20768%20512’%3E%3C/svg%3E” alt=’weights’ width=”768″ height=”512″ />pesasSome knee pads offer a strong foam between the underwear and the liner.
(Source: Denisfilm: 82113516/

Anti-sweating properties

Almost all knee pads of a minimum quality have some kind of anti-humidity feature to prevent us from sweating easily while playing sports. This is a highly valued property because not only will you be more comfortable with moisture wicking knee pads, but you will also keep your protections cleaner for a longer period of time.

For men or women?

As it usually happens in sports, the physiological differences between men and women are taken into account and the case of knee pads is no exception. In our proposals you can see that there are these differences. Those for men are a little more voluminous, while those for women are smaller protections.


Good knee pads are made of materials that allow air to pass through and make you feel comfortable while wearing them. To find out if they are breathable, look for pads where you can see that they have perforations. And, if you can’t see it easily or you decide to buy online, you can look at the description of the item.

hombre corriendo maratónhombre corriendo maratónChoosing the right size for your knee brace is essential. It should fit your knee and not slip. (Source: Federicofoto: 91164173/

Shock absorption

Some knee pads offer a strong foam between the underwear and the liner. This is the shock absorbing material. This serves to alleviate the impact of the fall and is an extra factor to extend the hand and head protections. It is a feature that, a priori, may not seem so important, but it provides a great sense of security.

We must check that, either in one way or another or at different levels, there is this type of foam inserted in the protections.

Above or below

Knee pads have more volume than the rest of the protections that go on the outside of the clothing. For this reason, there are smaller models that go underneath. Which one to buy? Keep in mind that the larger the knee pads, the better they are for beginners or those who practice extreme sports. Smaller ones are better for experienced athletes.

Did you know that in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, knee pads were a hollowed-out, movable part made of steel or iron that protected the knees and formed part of the warriors’ plate armour?

Quality of knee pads

Just like any other type of item on the market, the more expensive the product, the higher the quality. Cheap protection is more likely to break or deteriorate.and perspiration. That’s why it makes sense to think long term: if you think you’re going to play a sport regularly, it makes sense to invest more.


If you are wondering what are the best knee pads 2021, in our ranking you can find the models that are most suitable for you. Each of them has properties and features that make it suitable for different sports or different knee injuries. The most important thing is that you choose the product that best suits your needs and tastes.

As you will have seen, a knee brace is a product that can be vital in the practice of certain sports. Especially if you are starting out in a sport in which your knees may suffer. Interesting for its many features, you should choose the right knee brace for your objectives. And remember: safety, even in sport, comes first.

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