There is no doubt that NVMe SSDs just because of the huge amount of improvements they bring over hard drives and especially NVMe SSDs that make use of PCIe interface, which with their enormous transfer speed are a before and after in performance. Especially in games and applications such as 3D modeling or video editing in real time that require high search speeds and data transfer.

KIOXIA did not want to be left behind and the creators of the 3D BiCS FLASH memory have decided to implement their new technology in two M.2 drives of type 2280 named EXCERIA PRO and EXCERIA G2. They are compatible with KIOXIA’s own SSD Utility management software for monitoring and maintenance of the SSD itself.

KIOXIA EXCERIA PRO and G2 NVMe SSD Specifications


Starting with the EXCERIA PRO, we are dealing with an NVMe M.2 SSD that makes use of the 4-lane PCI Express 4.0 interface, which allows it to offer twice the bandwidth of its predecessor, the EXCERIA PLUS. So we are talking about sequential read and write speeds of at least 6800/6400 megabytes per second, which puts the EXCERIA PRO at the level of other solutions of the same type and makes it an excellent choice for high-end gaming PCs.

As for the EXCERIA G2, it is a NVMe SSD for PCIe 3.0 4-lane interface with the same form factor as the EXCERIA PRO, but it is intended for a more general market, since its transfer speed is over 2000 MB/s. So it is a type of memory for much more modest and general systems. Its transfer speed, although it may seem low compared to the EXCERIA PRO, is higher than that of an SSD with SATA3 interface.

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The storage capacity of both NVMe SSDs? Both can reach 2TB of storage, but we have to keep in mind that these figures are given in multiples of 1000 and not 1024, so the final storage is somewhat lower. Both the EXCERIA PRO and EXCERIA G2 make use of 3D BRICS memory, KIOXIA’s implementation of 3D NAND memory, which enables higher storage capacity than conventional NAND memory by stacking multiple 2D NAND memory chips vertically.

They are not yet available for sale, but KIOXIA will showcase both EXCERIA PRO and EXCERIA G2 at ChinaJoy in Shanghai, which starts on July 30 and ends on August 2.