Nowadays, it is indispensable to store your house, car or work keys. Usually, people have a key ring that they carry with them or a key hanger in their home. Many recommend them because it gives them order and less hassle when it comes to knowing where the keys are.

In addition, it is very important to consider the materials and designs according to your needs and tastes. However, there is a wide variety of key organizers on the market. For this reason, you should know which is the key holder that best suits you. If you want to know our recommendations, read on!

The most important thing

  • The main thing you should know is the usefulness of key holders. They serve to keep your keys located.
  • The size and design of the key holder will be key to your choice. It is an item that will be part of the decoration of your home.
  • The use can damage the key holder, so it is advisable to use durable materials that can withstand the weight.

The best key holders on the market: Our recommendations

Below are the best key holders we have found available on the market. Each one has different aspects that will suit what you are looking for.

The best key holder for value for money

The Jaime Jacobs Key Organizer is a leather covered knife style key holder with two small steel pins that hold your keys. These are top quality materials because they are 100% handmade in Europe. However, the leather is not synthetic. It is goat leather from Italy. They are also very resistant and durable materials.

It’s a very practical key holder because it doesn’t damage your pockets and they don’t make noise. The case organizes the keys in such a way that it takes up minimal space thanks to its small and compact size. However, you can store up to 12 keys. The screws at the ends make it easy for you to remove and add new keys.

The best personalised key holder

The Zeller 13885 key holder is a key board that you can personalise with your family photos. The dimensions of the two photo frames are ideal thanks to their size of 8 x 8 cm. However, this key holder is fixed to the wall and requires mounting with screws, which are included in the product.

It is also made of a sturdy metal known as stainless steel. It is only available in grey. It is made up of 5 hooks with rubber ring that provides you with enough space to store the necessary keys.

The best wall key holder

The M-KeyCases Home Sweet Home Wall Key Hanger has 8 individual hooks to store keys and other personal items. It is available in 3 colours: white, black and grey. It also comes with mounting hardware, screws and plugs to make mounting quick and easy.

It is made of steel, which provides high strength and long-term durability. You can hang it anywhere in the house thanks to its dimensions of 25 x 11.5 x 2.3 cm. Consumers rate it as a very good design key holder for those who need to keep their keys in a safe place.

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The best key holder according to online



The Foonii key case is a pocket key holder. It is made of leather with 12 stainless steel hooks and a zipper closure. You can find it in black with dimensions of 11 x 7 x 2.2 cm and is quite lightweight. It is classified as very resistant to wear.

In addition, it includes a larger ring for large keys such as car keys and two credit card slots. However, you won’t be able to store much more stuff like in a wallet. Still, consumers agree that it’s perfect for extra protection for your keys against scratches, bumps and scrapes.

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The toughest key holder for the home

From LUOWAN, this wall key hanger is a self-adhesive key organizer. No need to drill holes in your wall. It installs easily on any smooth surface thanks to its self-adhesive coating. It is also very strong and durable because it is made of stainless steel.

In addition, its 6 hooks give you plenty of storage space in your home. You can find it in black color and with an average size of 25 x 10 x 4.7 cm. It is multifunctional, which can be used for different places in the house. However, you can only store a couple of things on the shelf because it is quite narrow.

Buying Guide: What you need to know about the key holder

In this section of the article, we will explain and clarify the most common questions that can help you when deciding on a key holder. When you understand its different aspects, you will be able to know which one is the best for you.

llaves de autollaves de auto Key holders are made of different materials. You can find them made of carbon fiber, aluminum, plastic, fabric and wood. (Source: Andrew: Wg7wOqWV8ls/ unsplash)

What is a key holder for and what are its advantages?

Nowadays a key holder is also known as a key ring. It is an object that is used to store one or more keys. You can find them in different formats, the wall one for your home or portable key rings. Here are the advantages and disadvantages it provides.


  • Organization.
  • Easy to find your keys.
  • They are accessible to anyone.
  • You avoid their loss.
  • They come in a wide variety of models and designs.


  • Not all of them areThey are sturdy and reliable.

What types of key holders are there?

There is a wide variety of key holders. When choosing one, you must take into account your needs, as we find home key holders that are fixed and more functional key holders to carry with you. Here is a list of the key holders that you can find depending on their characteristics.

  • Home or wall-mounted: These can be boards, pictures or boxes that are attached to the wall by screws, adhesives or other support. They are usually large in size and have several hooks sticking out so you can hang all your keys. In addition, they are usually placed in the hallway or near the front door to have them handy when going out and coming in.
  • Magnetic: These key holders are usually wall-mounted because of their shape and size. They have integrated magnets that allow you to hold the keys, as they are made of iron. No more magnets and hooks are needed. In addition, you can also hang other objects or accessories to decorate the key holder.
  • Key ring keyring: It usually consists of one or more metal rings or rings where the keys and other ornaments, accessories and materials are placed. It is smaller so that it can be carried in a pocket or handbag.
  • Pocket: It is a small case that contains several metal hooks inside for the keys. They are made of synthetic leather or fabric and usually have a zipper closure. They are also the perfect size to carry in your pocket if you don’t want to carry a purse. Because of their size, you can’t fit too many keys in the same key holder.
  • Razor: It has a resemblance to the Swiss Army Knives. They use the same idea or concept, but for keys. Its function is to gather a large number of keys in a small space. Generally, you can include from 4 to 14 keys in the same penknife.
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What materials are made of key holders?

The key holders are made of different materials. You can find them made of carbon fiber, aluminum, plastic, fabric and wood. It is vital that the material is strong, strong and light. If it isn’t, it won’t be very useful. If it is not strong you will not be able to insert too many keys and if it is too heavy it will not be comfortable. For this reason, it is advisable that the material of the key holder is of high quality.

It will also depend on the key holder you are looking for and it will suit your needs. Wall-mounted key holders are usually made of wood. They are the lightest and easiest to install. However, they tend to be less durable than metal ones. If you want a pocket or ring key holder, it is much more durable to buy an aluminium or stainless steel one.

Why buy a key holder?

Nowadays, the vast majority of the population has some kind of key holder. It is advisable to use a key holder, as it makes it easier to organize your keys and have them at hand when you need them. In addition, house or car keys are essential for our daily lives and the last thing we want is to lose them.

However, the key holder we buy should be considered because we need to make sure that it is useful for the amount of keys we want to store. It is much safer than storing them loose in your purse, backpack or some pocket.

<img src=”//www.w3.

org/2000/svg’%20viewBox=’0%200%201920%201207’%3E%3C/svg%3E” alt=”hardware key holders ” width=”1920″ height=”1207″ />llaveros en ferretería Remember that a key holder gives you a place to always keep your keys so you don’t lose them. (Source: chunli: 8fs1X0JFgFE/ unsplash)

What are the alternatives to key holders?

It’s hard to find alternatives to key holders because of their effectiveness. However, keys can become cumbersome and you can easily lose them. For this reason, technology is evolving very quickly and is managing to eliminate the use of keys.

With the latest electronic opening systems you only need to memorize one key.

However, these new technological systems are more expensive and are still being tested for their effectiveness. Therefore, the use of physical keys is a way to save money. It is also recommended that you make copies of your keys in case you lose them. Other cheaper alternatives to key cases are a case that is the right size for your needs.

Purchasing Criteria

Before buying a key holder you will need to identify your main purchasing criteria. The size will be vital because it will depend on where you want to place it or if you want to take it with you. Below, we will also show you other fundamental aspects so that you feel satisfied with your choice.


The size is essential when buying a key holder because it will depend on several factors. You must take into account what kind of key holder you need. In the case of a home key holder you should know the space you have at home. Below, we will show you the different sizes that exist depending on the product.

Sizes Sizes Type
Small 9 x 2.5 cm, 51 x 22 mm, 11 X 7 cm Pocket knife, ring, pocket
Medium 36 x 12 x 2.2 cm Wall-mounted
Large 55 x 38 x 14 cm Office wall-mounted


You can find a wide variety of key holder designs. It is best to choose the style that you like the most or that suits your home. We will show you the most common designs to make it easier for you to choose your key holder. These are the following:

  • Purist: Clean, simple and clear. They are quite simple key holders. Rounded pieces of wood or metal with only one continuous groove and visible hooks. This design is simpler because it makes it easier to store keys. These can be found in various colors such as white stainless steel and white stainless steel.or brown in colour.
  • With door: They are usually made of metal or stainless steel. They have a design similar to safes. It is common in offices because of its security by having a lock and the amount of keys that can be stored. You can find it in simple colors like white, black, gray.
  • Picture frames: These are similar to the door ones because they cover the storage space with a picture of some drawing or image. They have the closure with magnet instead of lock because they don’t require as much security. They are common in young people’s homes.
  • Urban: Horizontal key holders with landscapes, names or phrases. These are common in homes because they are more personalized and to your liking. The hooks are usually in a row at the bottom so that the ornament can be seen.
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llavero de casa llavero de casa Remember to make copies of your keys. (Source: MariaZiegler: jJnZg7vBfMs/ unsplash)

A key holder doesn’t just have to be about key storage. Nowadays, we can find many key organizers that include other extra accessories so that it has more than one function. Some have a built-in whiteboard or notepad for listing or writing reminders. Others may have drawers or shelves for storing other items or letters.

This way, you can customize your key holder and save space so that the same product has several aspects to suit your needs. Also, depending on the size, many key holders are decorated with flowers and candles or other objects to promote more decoration in the home and not just a simple key holder.


Resistance is key when purchasing a key holder for your home or your day to day life. What will guarantee resistance will be the material from which the key holder is made. It is always advisable to look for metal key holders or at least contain some stainless steel support.

Also, as its main function is to store keys, you should know the amount you want to store and how much the key holder of your choice can hold. This will prevent it from deteriorating quickly and from damaging the walls of your home. However, it is vital to know that a key hanger can break from use just like any other decorative object.

<img width=”600″ height=”450″ src=”//’%20viewBox=’0%200%20600%20450’%3E%3C/svg%3E” alt=” />


In short, the key holders are tools that provide easy organization of your keys and there are several types. They have been known for many years and most people use them. They can be made of various materials, some more resistant than others. It is also important to know the design and size to suit your taste or the place in the house.

However, technological systems are emerging to open and close spaces without the need for a key. Therefore, one day we may not need key holders. Also, given several reasons indicated in this article, the use of key fobs is indispensable to avoid losing your keys. Leave a comment if you found this article helpful and feel free to share it on social media.

(Featured Image Source: NathanDumlao: wN7Dtu0saNs/ unsplash)