If the idea of a tablet with Windows 10 tickles you, at the moment is on offer Jumper EZpad 7, a hybrid that you can buy at 258.90 euros. It is as we said a tablet with Windows operating system that if necessary, connecting a mouse and keyboard, becomes a kind of laptop.

The technical specifications make it usable in all those contexts of light work or even better to take notes at school and university. It mounts a quad-core processor Intel Cherry Trail X5 Z8350 at 1.92 GHz accompanied by a video card Intel HD Graphics 500 eighth generation and 4 GB of RAM DDR3L. The storage space is 64 GB, enough to install the main programs: for your own files it is advisable to insert a microSD card in the slot, so you can expand the memory by an additional 128 GB.

jumper ezpad 7jumper ezpad 7

The screen is a 10.1″ IPS panel with Full HD resolution at 1,920 x 1,200 pixels, so in fact you have in your hands a highly portable tablet and that, accompanied with the cover-keyboard to be purchased separately, becomes a particularly convenient solution in mobility. As for connectivity, in addition to WiFi and Bluetooth module with 4.0 technology, you’ll find the power socket, the microSD slot, a microHDMI to connect an external monitor, a USB-A port with 3.0 technology and a 3.5 mm audio jack for microphone and headphones.

It’s also a good solution when it comes to video calls: it has a 2 MP front camera that can be used for this purpose, which is accompanied by two stereo speakers to be able to effectively hear the other party in online meetings. There’s also a second camera on the back, also 2 MP, which can be used to photograph a whiteboard or scan a document, and a 6,500 mAh battery.

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jumper ezpad 7jumper ezpad 7

As for the design, has flat metal edges that closely resemble the appearance of an iPad Pro: the dimensions are 26 x 16 x 1 cm while the weight revolves around 680 grams. If you want to buy it, as we said at the time is on offer online: instead of 396.98 euros save 35%, paying 258.90 euros.

Recall that among the methods of payment is also available PayPal, which guarantees the ability to take advantage of PayPal purchase protection if necessary. The offer is valid while stocks last; for further information on costs and shipping times, please contact us.charges and order management, you can consult the website of the seller.