For years now, cyber attacks have been mentioned as a recurring risk for states. However, the last few months have seen a new level of attack in the United States. Huge pipelines have been put out of action, while Microsoft has had to deal with a major hack.

The capabilities of hackers “are growing exponentially”

The threat is so palpable that Joe Biden wanted to warn this week after a past visit to the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines. The US president believes that the US could embark on a “ real armed war

” against a major power following a major cyber attack on the country.

The Democrat believes that the capabilities of hackers are ” growing exponentially “. This last statement illustrates how seriously the new majority takes this issue. Moreover, the Department of Justice recently announced

that investigations on ransomware would be treated with the same priority as those related to terrorism.

Joe Biden also raised the problem with Vladimir Putin during their last meeting in Geneva. The Democrat is proposing a non-aggression pact

with Russia. Certain crucial sectors would thus be declared out of reach of computer attacks. This applies to telecommunications, health and energy. This request has been accepted by Vladimir Putin and consultations have already begun between the two countries.

Recently, the United States and its allies have also designated China

as responsible for the attack on the servers of Microsoft Exchange. Westerners believe that the communist regime directly collaborated with the hacker group that engaged in ransomware attacks and other illicit espionage operations.

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China, for its part, denies all of this. Its ambassador in Washington, estimated a few days ago that ” the United States has repeatedly launched baseless attacks and malicious slander against China on cybersecurity

.” He even accused Uncle Sam of espionage. Antivirus Bitdefender PlusAntivirus Bitdefender Plus Bitdefender Plus Antivirus

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