Today we talk about the air purifier Jimmy AP36, the new product that offers us the well-known brand Jimmy, specializing in the sale of products for the home.

Xiaomi JIMMY AP36 Purificatore d'aria con filtro HEPA, Display a LED e 3 modalità intelligenti

Xiaomi JIMMY AP36 Air purifier with HEPA filter, LED Display and 3 smart modes

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The premise is always the same, why buy an air purifier? Obviously to live and let our loved ones live in a healthier and cleaner environment.

It becomes absolutely recommended for those who use, as main heating, pellet stoves, wood stoves, fireplaces, etc.. In fact, we do not realize it, but during the use of the latter, the percentage of particulate matter that clog our home is quite high, despite the sellers guarantee us that this does not happen (my words).

But regardless, let’s remember that dust, dust mites, bacteria and viruses circulate regardless in the air we breathe, so eliminating them certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea.

️ Purifier Jimmy AP36 for 69€
Coupon: BG732bdc
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The product will be shipped to us in a sturdy box and perfectly packaged, so no risk of receiving it damaged (net of crazy couriers..). In the package we will find the purifier with a fixed power cord and an instruction booklet that also contains the Italian language.

The filter is already in its natural place but will be removed from the cellophane that will protect it until the first use. The only operation that is required is just that, unwrap the filter and install it, then we will be immediately ready to use our new Jimmy AP36. The filter will be placed with the dark part towards the outside, it is indicated above and you can easily deduce it from the two tabs that are used to put it in and take it out.

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Once the filter is installed we will be ready to turn on our new purifier! Let’s remember to put it at least 30cm from every wall to allow an optimal aeration.

On the top we will find a large control panel with touch controls with which we can change all the settings.

<img src=”//’%20viewBox=’0%200%20840%20474’%3E%3C/svg%3E” data-src=”https://www.xiaomitod×578.jpg” alt=”jimmy ap36 air purifier” width=”840″ height=”474″ />

After turning it on with the On/Off button you will have the possibility to set different modes of use:

  • Timing: this key will allow you to set an automatic shutdown timer respectively at 1/4/8 hours.
  • Speed /Reset: this button performs two functions, the first is to adjust the speed on low-medium-high while the second is to reset the light “change Filter” that will light up when you need to replace the filter.

In the center of the panel there is an icon of a tree that, according to the quality of the air, will change color: blue clean, yellow medium dirty, red very dirty.

Regarding the maintenance of the air purifier jimmy ap36 you will have only two operations to perform: cleaning of the filter and cleaning of the machine

  • Cleaning of the filter: The care and cleaning of the filter are essential for the performance of the purifier. Therefore, remove the filter every 2 weeks and with a vacuum cleaner remove all the residues that have settled on it. DO NOT use water and DO NOT press too hard on the filter. When it is time to replace the filter, it will be indicated in the small box “Change filter”.
  • Cleaning the machine: unplug it before cleaning after which you can remove any stains with a damp cloth. It is important, at least every quarter, to clean the infrared dust sensor that is located on the side. Remove the cover and use a damp cotton swab to clean the sensor and the air inlet and outlet. Make sure it’s dry before putting it back on.
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Final Considerations

This jimmy ap36 air purifier is definitely a good product, with several options to work with although some, in my opinion, very similar. Compared to other competitors has a serious lack, which is the ability to be controlled via app. Its use is therefore only “stand alone” and this could lead to the purchase of other devices. Another lack that is felt is the ability to display the precise percentage of particulate matter in the air. Here we will find only the indication, through the icon of the tree, on three levels of purity.

Let’s say that for most of the average user they could be irrelevant details, in this case I must say that you can go blindfolded on the purchase of this Jimmy AP36 and you will not be disappointed. The silent mode is really VERY quiet and this will allow you to use it even in the bedroom. The absence of the APP setting is mitigated by the timer that in any case will allow you to at least know when the purifier is on and when it is off.

We thank JIMMY ITALY for sending the sample and remind you that you can buy it from their official channels that we link HERE. We remind you that on the site you will have the opportunity to use our generic discount code “XTJIMMY5” to get € 5 off on all products in the list, which have an Italian warranty of 24 months and will be shipped in 24h by express courier from warehouses

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Italians. Or, if you can wait longer for delivery but get a nice savings, you can choose BANGGOOD:

️ Purifier Jimmy AP36 for 69€
Coupon: BG732bdc
Buy 🇪🇺Fast Shipping

INCLUDED from Europe (No Customs) Xiaomi JIMMY AP36 Purificatore d'aria con filtro HEPA, Display a LED e 3 modalità intelligenti 26 July 2021



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