The removal of the notch, waited for years, it seems it will really come for the first time with iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max: so far the most reliable anticipations pointed to a single hole, first circular and in recent days instead of oval-shaped to accommodate the front camera, with Face ID components hidden under the display, but now with a new twist is expected that the notch will be replaced by two holes at the top of the screen.

It should be noted immediately that the anticipation comes from a source considered very reliable, because it comes from Ross Young, analyst and consultant with extensive experience in the display industry. Not only that: Young, thanks to first-hand information from Cupertino suppliers, over the years has managed to correctly anticipate numerous Apple innovations several months before launch.

In fact, the arrival of the first iPhone with a hole in the display, therefore without a notch, has been indicated byanalyst Ming Chi Kuo, U.S. journalist Mark Gurman and also by Ross Young, only that so far there had been talk of a single circular hole and in recent days instead of an oval shape.

But now Young revises his anticipation specifying that the iPhone 14 Pro will have as many as two holes: one oval, or as they say in the U.S. pill-shaped, which will house the front camera and at least also the infrared sensor for Face ID, thus leaving in doubt the possible presence of other components. On the other hand, as for the second smaller circular hole, destined to house the Face ID dot projector, the analyst notes that it will not be invisible, probably as previously believed and only until a few days ago, but it will also be visible.

But the surprises do not end there because the anticipation of Young is not the first ever to indicate two holes in the iPhone 14. In September last yeari the leaker who signs ShrimpApplePro published an iimage of the display panel in which two holes are visible, one circular and one oval, only with inverted position because the panel is shown from the back.

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So, looking at the image that we report in this article, you have to reverse the position, with the oval hole on the left while the smaller circular hole will be on the right. Immediately after the publication of the preview, several users have modified photos and images of iPhone to visually show the appearance of the double hole: the opening image is made by Ian Zelbo.

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