Especially for the end of the year, RED by SFR offers shocking discounts on all iPhone 13. Each model in the new range comes with a discount of over 100 euros. What’s more, this offer is available to everyone and requires no subscription or commitment to the operator, which means you buy the smartphone naked. On the other hand, all these offers are limited in time, they can disappear at any time.

With the current offers, the excellent iPhone 13 drops to 799 euros instead of 909 euros. Whether you take this model or another, the current offer is an ODR. All you have to do is download the associated document directly from the RED by SFR website and follow all the steps. The whole range is concerned by these discounts, here are the details of the rates:

To take advantage of the offers on the iPhone 13 at RED by SFR, it’s here :

See the offers on the iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 has never had such aggressive offers since its release last September. Whether it’s RED by SFR or other popular ecommerce sites, this is the first time the range has dropped to such a low price. Regardless of the model, you save 130 euros on all versions of this generation of premium smartphones signed by Apple. This is an event not to be missed, especially when you know that you usually have to wait years to see -15% discounts on iPhones.

In addition to lowering the price of the iPhone 13, RED by SFR is able to provide fast delivery. For most models, it’s done in two business days at a relay point, which means you’ll get your new smartphone in time for the New Year. But be sure to check the delivery time, because some models are out of stock, while others are on pre-order and take a little longer to ship, depending on the color or storage format. More globally, some versions are already out of stock at the operator.

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Why choose an iPhone 13 from RED by SFR?

If RED by SFR has a reputation for its mobile packages, the operator also has a more traditional e-commerce site where it offers iPhone 13. In fact, this means that the offer on Apple’s smartphones is accessible to everyone without you having to become a customer by taking out a subscription. All you have to do is fill in the ODR so that the phone is yours and you can benefit from the 130 euros discount on the model of your choice. This is the first advantage of this exceptional offer for the end of the year.

On the other hand, RED by SFR is the only one to offer the iPhone 13 with a price reduction that is close to -15%. You can’t count on Apple, because the Apple brand never gives discounts on its products via its official website or its stores. Whether it is a special event or not, the prices always remain the same. On the other hand, even ecommerce players such as Amazon or Cdiscount are unable to know how to offer a discount.ivre by offering a discount (and their stocks are almost empty). The only way to save money on your next premium smartphone before the end of the year is to turn to RED by SFR’s offers.

RED by SFR offers the same benefits as Apple if you pick up an iPhone 13 on its official website. The operator offers you the two-year manufacturer’s warranty and you have the option of going to the brand’s stores if you have any questions about your phone. In addition, it also gives you 14 days after ordering to change your mind. If that’s your case, this two-week withdrawal period allows you to return the phone for free to trigger a full product refund.

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See the offers on the iPhone 13

When it comes to delivery, RED by SFR also does very well. As we said, shipping times are about two business days for most models. For example, if you pick up the latest iPhone 13 in blue with 128GB of storage, you’ll receive it by the end of the week. You still have to check the dates for each version, as they may vary due to stocks. In any case, the range is likely to be out of stock soon, so don’t miss out on these unprecedented discounts.

What qualities for the iPhone 13?

The iPhone 13 range has four models: iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Once again, Apple can boast of having designed a generation of premium smartphones that is as varied as it is complete. Indeed, all these models are high-end, but everyone can find what they want. With RED by SFR’s offers, Apple’s quality becomes accessible to a larger number of people, and that’s not something we don’t like.

First, the iPhone 13 are all equipped with the A15 Bionic chip. Hidden under the hood, this processor developed in-house by Apple itself is responsible for running the phone. However, it goes much further than this simple mission by positioning itself as the best device in the world for smartphones. Its extraordinary power allows the device to perform well in all circumstances (mobile games, heavy applications, video streaming…). This one also allows a nice balance of the battery in the duration as well as a very good image processing.

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The iPhone 13 all have a very premium design that was updated with the release of iPhone 12 a year earlier. We find thin edges slightly square for crystal clear finishes on each model. The whole range is compatible with the 5G network. What changes between each model is mainly the size: it is 6.1 inches, 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.6 inches. In short, the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are entitled to the same diagonal while the mini version is (logically) more compact. On the other hand, the Pro Max version is the most imposing.

As far as photography is concerned, all iPhone 13s offer excellent image rendering – the Pro and Pro Max versions being the most premium of the range. As for the battery, each model can boast of lasting more than a day, Apple has updated these last two versions to the latest version.ers compared to the previous range. This whole generation is among the most qualitative premium smartphones in the world today, don’t miss this opportunity to choose your favorite model by making a deal before the end of the year.

To take advantage of the offers on the iPhone 13, it’s here :

See the offers on the iPhone 13

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