In June, during its WWDC conference, Apple presented iOS 15, the new version of its operating system. It includes a lot of interesting new features, such as the ability to make FaceTime calls to Android or Windows users, or the offline operation of Siri, which will strengthen the privacy of the assistant and make it more responsive.

Nevertheless, with iOS 15, Siri will also lose some features. Indeed, as reported by the MacRumours site, Apple has published a note to developers in order to announce to them the depreciation of certain APIs of Siri. These APIs currently allow applications to integrate their features with the assistant.

As MacRumours explains, Apple will, for example, be removing certain integrations of VTC apps with Siri. Note-taking apps would also be affected. They would no longer be able to use Siri to create new to-do lists, delete tasks or edit notes. Features for payment apps and CarPlay-related features are also affected.

“Starting with the client version of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, tvOS 15 and watchOS 8 this fall, certain SiriKit intent areas will be deprecated and no longer supported in all new and existing operating system versions. If a user makes a request that leverages one of these APIs after it is removed, Siri will respond that it cannot support the request, Apple tells developers.

For an unknown reason

Thus, the Cupertino firm recommends that affected developers update their promotional activities to remove mentions of the features that will disappear when these APIs are deprecated.

“Please note that the symbols will remain in the SDK, so you do not need to remove the API calls from your app. However, you will receive warnings at compile time alerting you to the upcoming deprecation, Apple also says.

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For now, it is not known why Apple will deprecate those Siri APIs that were used by app developers to create engagement from the assistant. Nevertheless, we can already predict that this move will sour relations between Apple and some developers, when the Cupertino firm is already regularly accused of using App Store rules to favor its own services at the expense of those offered by third-party developers.

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