If you’re thinking of buying a new PC and your budget is limited, not too tight, you’ve probably been looking at the mid-range from both AMD and Intel. With their virtues and their weaknesses, both companies leave the balance quite balanced and as expected, the price war is not taking place despite the current situation of shortage of chips and increase of raw materials.

Just two days ago Intel’s CEO said he would not raise prices to give stability to the sector, well, now from the hand of Amazon the i5-11600K will find it at its lowest price ever!

Intel pulls down the price of its flagship CPU in mid-range


Before we get into the offer itself, we’d better do a recap on this CPU to know what we’re buying, because the competition is fierce and it should be clear. With this CPU we are in the 11th generation of Intel processors corresponding to the Rocket Lake architecture, which gives life to all midrange and high-end Intel processors for socket LGA 1200.

It is a CPU that was launched this 2021 in the first quarter, so it only has just a few months on the market and is built under the Intel lithographic process at 14 nm ++, being the most refined in the history of the company for its longevity.

Its performance is excellent, as it has 6 cores with HyperThreading technology that gives it 12 threads in total, which will run at a frequency of 3.9 GHz in base and 4.9 GHz in Boost.

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A high TDP for the first time in the mid-range


These frequencies approaching the 5 GHz barrier for the first time in the history of this segment have a counterpart: the TDP. For the first time a stock i5 CPU goes to 125 watts, and that’s because frequency is what it takes if you want to be fast. On the other hand, it has 12 MB of L3, an IMC that is capable of achieving in its two RAM channels a maximum frequency without overclock of 3200 MHz, which gives it 50 GB/s of total bandwidth.

As a good APU (technically it is, even if we talk about CPU as such) it integrates an Intel UHD 750 iGPU at 1.3 GHz with 32 CU. As we already know, this Rocket Lake architecture is the first within Intel to support PCIe 4.0, where the configuration supported on LGA 1200 motherboards will be this: 1×16+1×4, 2×8+1×4, 1×8+3×4.

Looking at the CPU, what about the offer? Well this Intel Core i5-11600K has gone from costing €244.94 to a more attractive €224.02, its lowest price ever since it’s been on sale, which is a discount of no less than 9%, which in processors is a barbaric if we take into account that it’s the latest of the latest to come out of Intel.

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