This is just the beginning and it looks like we have a soap opera for a while. But reportedly most motherboard manufacturers are turning their backs on Intel and its new ATX12VO standard. The reasons are various, but what is certain is that there has been pressure from the blue giant for them to make the leap due to new power requirements and better efficiency. So why don’t they take the plunge?

ATX12VO vs ATX 24 pin for Z690, a losing battle and an open war.

That the 24-pin connector has its hours numbered we all know, as it is very difficult for the industry not to choose to improve efficiency at lower cost. The problem and the doubt comes with the date and the platform.

Intel Alder Lake was called to be the driver of this change, but the company despite its continued efforts to implement it in new motherboards has been met with a head-on collision and a resounding denial by most manufacturers of motherboards.

The reasons for this are short, but very logical, as we now know that Intel has established a rather peculiar requirement that is necessary if you want to use their socket and chipset to sell motherboards: at least one model has to support the new ATX12VO standard.

How to bypass Intel’s restriction with this power supply and board standard?

Well in a very simple way, since apparently the requirement was very lenient. Some manufacturers are going to adopt some sort of board or adapter to go from ATX12VO to traditional 24-pin.

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On the other hand, the requirement doesn’t require that the motherboard has to be released, so they could design a model already created and adapted to ATX12VO, submit it to the blue giant and leave it out of the market, thus never seeing the light of day.

This is curiously not happening as such in Z590, where some brands have models with this new standard in the market.This may be a test to see how sales are going. But in any case there is no turning back and the adoption as well as new PSU models with this standard will flood the shelves and stock in stores, forcing users to change their power supplies and thus shelling out huge amounts of money that they didn’t have to before, especially to save just a few euros on their annual electricity bill due to the ATX12VO standby mode.