Instagram has introduced a new filter that limits the reach of posts with content deemed “sensitive.” Problem is, this one reduces the reach of some users’ posts, which bothers (among others) influencers.

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Facebook recently began rolling outa new filter limiting the reach of content deemed “sensitive” within the Discovery tab of its Instagram app. In their settings, users can choose whether they want more or less potentially offensive content to appear in their feeds.

By default, the slider is set to “limited,” which is not without problems for content creators whose publications’ reach is impacted. Among them are artists, tattoo artists, fashion influencers, sex workers(camboys and camgirls in particular), accounts specializing in weapons or even actors in the (legal) cannabis industry.

No upheaval according to Instagram

For Instagram, there is no reason to worry. Prior to the introduction of this filter, sensitive content was already limited in scope and the setting chosen for the basic filter would be roughly equivalent to the one that applied then. Now, users are simply given the option to harden the rule or, conversely, to let more content deemed sensitive through.

And Instagram added that some creators could even experience an increase in the reach of their posts, especially if many of their followers on the network lighten the settings of this new filter.

Concern among creators

These explanations do not seem to completely convince the creators of the content concerned, some of whom believe that the new rules are the cause of the loss of several hundred thousand “views”. In the case of publications with commercial contracts, this can obviously be problematic, as Instagram is also a more or less lucrative livelihood for many people.

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Reason why many Instagram accounts have been inviting their subscribers for a few days to change their settings via publications or stories, guiding them(as here) step by step on how to proceed. This is the case of many artists whose work may incorporate nudity, weapons, smoking characters, etc.

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So some are calling for Instagram to implement an even more precise filter, which would allow for finer management filtered content. As it stands, they feel that too much falls under the action of this single filter, perhaps activated to hide specific publications, but consequently also censoring all other publications classified as sensitive.