Fans are the perfect tool for air movement in spaces that need a constant flow. To a greater or lesser extent, every fan performs the same function. It relieves us from the heat in the hottest moments and helps with the most tedious tasks.

It happens that industrial fans go further. They are at a higher level of efficiency. They are able to generate enough energy, transmitting an adequate pressure to maintain optimum air quality in those processes where it is necessary. When it comes to large spaces we have to think about industrial fans.

The most important

  • All types of industries and spaces require fans that generate a continuous movement of air and the expulsion of vapours that are hazardous to health.
  • Industrial fans are the fundamental element to guarantee excellent air quality in indoor environments, protecting hygiene and personal health.
  • Industrial fans vary in size, function and style. The right choice depends on the intended purpose.

The best industrial fans on the market: Our recommendations

We all appreciate products with good features. That is why we have added a selection of the best industrial fans on the market. They have been duly contrasted on the basis of their performance and functions.

The best industrial stand fan

The best in its category is this swivel industrial floor standing fan from Maxellpower company. Its dimensions put it at 18 inches. The model consists of a 115 watt motor and 3 speeds. This product is one of the best sellers, as it is one of the most complete on the market.

Its metal composition means that durability is not a problem. On the other hand, its adjustable size allows it to be used at different heights and directions with total comfort. The Maxellpower fan is a highly recommended product for indoor and outdoor use. Its safety grill to avoid accidents makes this fan very practical.

The best industrial floor fan

This is the PW 1332 industrial fan by Orbegozo. Covered in metal, it measures 41 x 15 x 15 x 40 cm and has a 30 cm propeller. Its inclination is adjustable. In addition, you can enjoy an ergonomic control panel – this fan is a winner in any case!

It has a handle and safety grille which makes its design optimal for transport. Its weight and adjustable base makes it the best seller in its category. It is a highly recommended product due to its comfortable design, the reliability of the manufacturing company and its not inconsiderable power for its weight.

The best industrial wall fan

It is the one marketed by Infiniton. It has a power located in an unbeatable 100 watts, a total of 3 speeds and 3 blades. It is manufactured in dimensions of 50 cm. On the other hand, its parts are coated in aluminum.

Undoubtedly, this industrial wall fan, for its manufacturing characteristics, stands as one of the least noisy on the market. It has a silencer that hardly emits any noise and a low noise level.porizer that makes it suitable for automatic operation. This product is recommended for its details and finishes. It reaches a performance very difficult to match.

The best industrial ceiling fan

We find the Navy Nickel fan, manufactured by Techbrey. Its dimensions are 110 x 43 cm and it is made of wood and steel for a more durable finish.

It is an excellent tool, with an A++ energy rating. It also incorporates a silencer as standard. It is ideal for spaces that do not require excessive power. The quality of the materials used and the details of this fan make it highly recommended, it is designed for the most refined tastes!

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The best industrial fan with control

This is the silent fan manufactured by Universalblue. It has a maximum height of 1.30 meters. On the other hand, the colours available for this model are white and blue. Its maximum power is 25 watts. This product is ideal for maximum performance thanks to its 24 speeds. It has a remote control.

This is the best-selling industrial fan in its category on Amazon. Its minimalist and modern design along with the different modes of operation create a desirable and recommendable product. It is ideal for the most demanding customers!

The best industrial fan with light

This is the industrial fan from the company Ledkia Lighting. It is available in silver and white. It weighs 6 kilograms and has an energy rating of A++, the highest on the market. This fan is the most complete of those recommended so far.

It comes equipped with LED lights and the eWeLink app. That is, this model incorporates wifi, so we can change its brightness and color whenever we want. As a result, we have a highly recommended product. But, for installation, it requires an expert in the field.

The best industrial misting fan

This industrial misting fan, with wall mount, has 3 speeds. The model has dimensions of 61 x 60 x 34 cm. Its consumption reaches 100 watts. This product is manufactured by the well-known company Drip Fresh.

It is ideal for hot, dry environments that require constant humidification. Its multicoloured appearance adapts to any space without causing a visual impact. It is a recommended product, but with caveats. The nebulizer ring is not included in the price and this does not make it accessible to the tightest pockets.

Buying Guide: What you should know about industrial fans

We’ve got it straight. Industrial fans have no competitor in spaces that require the continuous movement of a large mass of air. To ensure you have the most relevant facts about this product, we have distributed the information in the form of questions.

ventilador de empresas<img src=” 2508w,×200.jpg 300w,

/2021/07/emel82-33480516_m-1024×683.jpg 1024w,×512.jpg 768w,×1024.jpg 1536w,×1365.jpg 2048w,×1333.jpg 2000w,×300.jpg 450w,×867.jpg 1300w” alt=”company fan” width=”2508″ height=”1672″ />You have to take into account that the bigger the size of the industrial fan, the bigger its power will be. (Source: emel82: 33480516/ 123rf)

What is an industrial fan and what is it used for?

The industrial fan is a rotating machine whose purpose is to move air in the direction necessary to maintain a constant flow of energy. This type of fan, as the name suggests, is used in industrial processes.

They are used in complex spatial or environmental operating conditions, such as high pressures or temperatures. For example, they are used in storage places or in factories.

How does an industrial fan work?

It is true that there are different types of fans, but their operation is almost identical. The industrial fan works by operating the mechanism that gives way to the continuous rotation of its blades. These can rotate changing the direction of the air flow or keeping it constant.

Once the air is flowing, it is expelled. The process culminates when the air is moved to the spaces that require it.

What maintenance does an industrial fan require?

Maintenance is one of the most important aspects to guarantee the useful life of the industrial fan. These fans work in adverse conditions that can affect their gears and machinery. Thus, a periodic maintenance cannot and should not be missing: preventive of possible evils and corrective of the existing ones.

The careful inspection of the internal components, the revision of the wiring, the cleaning, the replacement of worn elements and the periodical removal of the air purifying filters are fundamental in its maintenance.

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What is the difference between an industrial and a domestic fan?

At first glance, it may seem that the difference lies in their functions, but this is a mistake. Both are dedicated to the same thing: to make a continuous movement of air to the spaces that require it. Thus, the fundamental difference between a domestic fan and an industrial fan lies in their manufacturing components.

In conclusion, the blades and the power of the motors are the main differences between the two.

ventilador grnade<img src=” 2508w,×200.jpg 300w,×683.jpg 1024w,×512.jpg 768w

,×1024.jpg 1536w,×1365.jpg 2048w,×1333.jpg 2000w,×300.jpg 450w,×867.jpg 1300w” alt=”grnade fan” width=”2508″ height=”1672″ />Industrial fans are needed in complex environmental conditions to move heavy gases. (Source: hafiezrazali: 84868027/ 123rf)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an industrial fan?

Based on a thorough and fair analysis, there are more advantages than disadvantages to using an industrial fan. However, for the sake of clarity, we develop the following table. The following comparative table can be enlightening.


  • Provides continuous air flow
  • Decreases ambient temperature
  • Eliminates or displaces unpleasant residual odours that can affect health.


  • Very high electrical cost. The motor consumes a lot of energy
  • Very heavy and large item not suitable for small spaces.
  • Some models produce a lot of noise

What types of industrial fans are there?

We could make a numerous and detailed classification, as there are many different industrial fans. However, we consider that there are only two types: circular and extractors. Although there are several models.

On the one hand, circular fans are dedicated to maintaining a constant air temperature. On the other hand, the extractors take the air out of the operating area, improving the environmental conditions. We have created a more detailed comparison table:

Types Characteristics Examples
Circular fan Designed to maintain a constant and uniform temperature throughout the room. Also removes possible condensation from the operating area. Floor fan, Ceiling fan, Fogger fan, Wall fan
Extractor fan Designed to suck and extract the air from the working area, avoiding adverse situations, guaranteeing a good environmental quality. Ideal for all types of gases and industries. Comfortable for working with animals Extractor fan with metal cone, Extractor fan with butterfly cone, Extractor fan with metal cone, Extractor fan with butterfly cone

What alternatives to industrial fans are there?

We have not found a valid alternative to industrial fans. There are no devices that meet the same functions and performance as industrial fans. However, the closest to industrial fans are purifiers and air conditioners. But these cannot be applied to industrial processes because of their functions and use.

Purchasing criteria

Industrial fans are needed in complex environmental conditions to move heavy gases. If you are thinking of buying an industrial fan, the next step is to know what are the most important aspects to choose the right one. In the following section you will learn how to choose the right one.

esent the most relevant purchasing criteria for choosing an industrial fan


Regardless of our socio-economic level, we aim to obtain the greatest benefits. In this sense, the energy consumption of the industrial fan is one of the most important purchasing criteria.

For large surfaces and for use in products with high molecular weight, the consumption will be high, since a fan with high power is needed. For smaller surfaces, consumption should not be an important criterion. It is essential to look at the information panel of the product about the consumption before purchasing it.

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Power and consumption go hand in hand, although they do not necessarily mean the same thing. When we talk about an industrial fan, we are referring to one that has a higher power than a domestic one.

The power must be in accordance with the result we expect to obtain. If we use a fan with a lot of watts to move the air in a small space, we will incur excessive costs, and vice versa. We recommend that you consult an energy specialist to be able to adapt our demand to the existing supply.

ventilador de techo ventilador de techo Industrial exhaust fans draw the used air flow into new spaces. (Source: photochicken: 70262300/ 123rf)


At first glance, noise may not seem like a very important criterion. The truth is that it is essential in any business or industry that follows the parameters of legality. The noise of industrial fans can be deafening, as the bearings and propellers wear out with use.

We recommend fans with built-in noise silencer, especially in environments where there are personnel working. In short, we can say that efficient ventilation is silent ventilation.


The easiest way to sell a product is to work on its appearance. The advertising presentation and design of the product can be better or worse depending on the model, but generally does not affect its performance. Qualifying a product as excellent or lousy lies in whether or not it fulfills its purpose, and not so much in whether we like it aesthetically or not.

Design becomes an important criterion, although it should not be decisive in our choice.

RecoWe recommend operational and not aesthetic criteria when buying an industrial fan.


The size of an industrial fan is another important criterion to consider. It influences the airflow it can provide and the surface area it occupies when installed.

Choosing a large or small fan should be a requirement to think about according to the available surface area. And is that the use that we want to give will provide us the answer to the size to choose. For small-scale use, the size should not exceed 20 square meters. We must take this criterion with caution. Generally, a licensed professional is required to guide us correctly.

“There are different types of industrial fans. Each of them is indicated to meet different needs.”


Weight is an important purchasing criterion for fans of this type. The same applies to size. The activity carried out has an influence when deciding on the specific weight of the industrial fan.

When dealing with molecularly dense gases, a heavy device is necessary. As a result, the mechanisms project enough power to adequately move the flows. When the gases are more volatile, the weight of the fan can be lower, reducing costs. It is not usually complicated to choose a fan whose weight is adapted to the work we intend to develop.


Industrial fans are high-powered machines that help to improve professional work. There are many types, all made of different materials. The truth is that they all have the purpose of maintaining, under any adverse conditions, a constant flow of air.

This article aims to be a reference guide on the most important features and purchasing criteria for industrial fans. For this purpose, we have collected and analysed the most relevant databases on the subject. We have also provided answers to the most frequently asked questions. We hope you found this reading useful.

(Featured Image Source: vrvalerian: 20890886/ 123rf)