Apple has signed an exceptional second quarter with sales of devices up in all categories. The dark cloud is the threat of component shortages, which could end up impacting the Cupertino-based brand.

Between April and June 2021, Apple recorded a nice increase in sales, with each of its product lines enjoying double-digit growth. While the comparison with last year’s activity may seem easy, knowing that the world was then even more entangled in the health crisis, it is still a nice performance.

+50% of iPhone sales

Thus, iPhone sales are up 49%, Mac sales are up 16%, iPad sales are up 12% and the Apple Watch is up 36% (!). As a result, Apple’s sales increased by 36% over the period to $81.4 billion, while net profit doubled to $21.7 billion.

In this context of green indicators, Apple is obviously very satisfied, but its boss Tim Cook looks to the future with some skepticism. He expects that as early as this summer, or even in the fall, Apple will in turn be impacted by the shortage of computer components, which so far has mainly concerned old generation semiconductors and companies that do not have the same strength and cannot line up credit lines to reserve production ones.

Difficulties this summer or fall

Without being able to advance precise figures, Tim Cook anticipates an impact of this shortage on the production – and thus the sale – of the iPhone, even though it is the most popular product of the brand.

“We are indeed experiencing supply difficulties. The demand has been so great that it has exceeded our own expectations and it is difficult to get all the parts in the time we are trying to keep”, even acknowledged the CEO of the firm. It is this speech, held in a climate of uncertainty in the face of the epidemic recovery, which explains why the Apple share was in the red on the stock exchange after the publication of its financial results.

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