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Huawei’s event at the end of July saw the debut of several new products, some very important. The P50 and P50 Pro in primis, but also the Band 6 Pro smartband, the Sound X 2021 speaker and the V98 and V75 smart TVs. Of course, there was no shortage of accessories, particularly for the battery compartment, as evidenced by the GaN 66W multi-port charger

. But there was one novelty that went a bit under the radar, also because Huawei is a bit out of the headlines. I’m talking about the Multi-Device Wireless Charging Pad, basically Huawei’s version of what was supposed to be Apple’s AirPower pad.

Huawei “AirPower”: here’s the pad for wirelessly charging multiple devices together

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goal of this technology is to offer wireless charging to multiple devices simultaneously. Not an easy goal to achieve, given the limitations of this type of charging. If you have a wireless charging pad, you will have noticed that you need to have your smartphone lined up perfectly for the charging to start. Doing the same but with two or three devices becomes a challenge, especially because it means having a charging system that develops over the entire section of the mat.

huawei ricarica wireless airpowerhuawei ricarica wireless airpower

And that’s exactly what Huawei has done, as evidenced by the image in section of its charging mat, inside of which are hidden 13 copper coils. A necessary number to ensure that wherever you place your devices, the charging goes through. This combination of electrical circuits means that the Huawei pad can wirelessly charge up to 3 devices with a power of 15W for each. In this way, in addition to the smartphone you can charge smartwatches and TWS headphones, as well as multiple smartphones simultaneously. Recall that Xiaomi also launched its version of the multi-device wireless charging mat, albeit with a higher power

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Obviously, given Huawei’s situation, this Multi-Device Wireless.

Charging Pad will be sold only in China, starting September 17, at a cost of 799 yuan (about 104€).

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