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Smart speakers are now almost in every home in the East and West. There are brands, however, such as Huawei, that make great speakers but are pushing to improve them with more and more smart features, as it will do with the upcoming second generation Huawei Sound X or even Sound X2, which will have very interesting features.

Update 28/07: from a leak we know the retail packaging of the new Sound X. You can find all the details in the “Design and features” section.

Huawei Sound X 2nd Gen (X2): all we know

Design and features

Huawei’s new speaker was first talked about by leaker Courage Digital King, who explained how the new Sound X2 might feature a built-in camera, then asked users what they thought it might be used for.

But from the first images that have come out of leaks on the web, we learn of a feature that is certainly unheard of for the Sound X series, but also works in a major way on the design. In fact, there is no webcam, but rather an RGB LED that activates based on various situations. In itself, the appearance does not change compared to the previous model, but takes a transparent shell that gives it a breath of fresh air.

Confirming this design is the first official teaser video of the new second-generation Huawei Sound X. As we can see, the peculiarity of the core LED under the “bell” transparent is the novelty of this model, which also makes use of a new collaboration with Devialet for audio optimization, a sign that it will still be a

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premium product.

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RODENT950Just before the launch, further confirming what has been shown so far, comes the leak that brings us to know the sales package of the new Sound X, which also shows us that it will be driven by HarmonyOS, resulting in one of the first direct AIoT devices of the brand with such software and certainly the first smart speaker


Huawei Sound X 2nd Generation (X2) – Price and Release DateThe

release date of the new 2nd Gen Huawei Sound X is confirmed to be the same as the new P50s

, the brand’s much coveted 2021 flagships, so for next July 29, 2021. As for the price, there is no real news, so we will have to wait for the next few days. ⭐️ Follow and support GizChina on Google News: click on the star to bookmark us.