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Smart speakers are now almost in every home in the East and West. However, there are brands, like Huawei, that make great speakers but push to improve them more and more with smarter and smarter features, as it does with the new second generation Huawei Sound X or 2021, equipped with very interesting features.

Huawei Sound X 2nd Gen (2021): everything we knowDesign

and features

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the first images that came out of the leaks on the web, we learned about a new feature for the Sound X series, which works in an important way on the design. In fact, there isn’t a webcam as we said, but rather an RGB LED made by Symphony that activates based on various situations and most importantly moves with the music. In itself, the appearance almost does not change compared to the previous model, but takes a transparent shell that certainly gives it a breath of fresh air.

In addition to that, the collaboration with audio experts Devialet is reconfirmed, with a new 3-way system, a 3W high-frequency speaker, 4 speakers of 5W each and especially a 50W mega speaker with 2 passive units with 38 Hz frequency. The interesting thing is that Huawei Sound X 2021 can actually become a sub-woofer for the brand’s TVs, also because it is driven by HarmonyOS

, the company’s first speaker to be equipped with it.

Huawei Sound X 2nd Gen(2021) – Price and AvailabilityThe

new Huawei Sound X 2021 (2nd Gen) is therefore arriving in China for the moment at a price of around €286 (2,199 yuan), making it a more than premium product, but one that could actually be worth it all given what it offers. For a Global distribution, it’s to be expected given that successors have also arrived in Italy.

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