If you have a Samsung smartphone, you might not know that you have a feature designed to improve the quality of your photos. During 2021, the One UI software team released an update to the Gallery app designed for just that. Thanks to this update, Samsung smartphones can benefit from this new option to restore the photos you have in memory. This option is called “Remaster” and is useful for improving photo quality in various aspects. So let’s see how to install it, in case you haven’t received it yet, and how to take advantage of it to increase the yield of your shots.

How to use the Remasterize feature to improve photos on Samsung phones

First of all, the Remasterize feature was included on Samsung smartphones with the update of the Gallery app to version 12.1.06.x onwards. If you have a recent model you might have already received this update: to check, hold down on the Gallery app icon, click on the “i” button and scroll to the bottom: there you’ll find the version of the app you have installed.

If you don’t have the updated version, here’s what you can do:

1) Update the app with Galaxy Store.

When it comes to Samsung’s system apps, the first thing you can do to make sure you have the latest version is through the Galaxy Store. Open the app, search for “Samsung Gallery” via the search bar and check if you have updates available.

2) Update the app manually

If the Galaxy Store doesn’t come in handy, what you can try to do is to manually install the APK file of the updated version of Samsung Gallery. You can find the latest version on the APKMirror database, download and install it on your smartphone. However, I cannot guarantee that it will work properly on any Samsung smartphone.

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Now that you have the updated Gallery app, let’s see how you can improve the photos you have in the memory of your Samsung smartphone.

How to improve photos on Samsung smartphones

The first new feature that this Samsung Gallery update brings with it is found by opening the app and clicking on the bottom right corner on the 3 dashes. In the pop-up menu, among the various items present, you will find the item “Tips“: clicking on it will open a separate screen, in which the app will propose a series of photos to improve among those you have in memory.

Samsung has designed a software that analyzes these photos based on certain parameters such as resolution, brightness, color and sharpness. If you prefer to act manually you can open the Gallery, click on the image you want to improve, click on the 3 dots at the bottom left, click on “Remaster image” and wait for the software to analyze it. Then we will have a slider to see the effect before/after and at the bottom two buttons to share and/or save the result.

To understand which is the previous and the processed photo, scrolling in the gallery you’ll see the following appear

the words “Remastered

” on the second photo.

This is how to use the Remastered mode to enhance photos on Samsung smartphones. The quality of the result will depend on the type of image you submit to this procedure, and the processed image may not always actually be better. I recommend you do some testing to see what kind of enhancement best suits your taste.

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