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The glory days for Honor’s new direction seemed to be long gone, when just 3 months ago it had just 3% of the market. But with a series of hits to the smartphone market, Honor managed to get sales that led it to be the third largest brand in China in a very short time.

Honor 50 the key to becoming the third largest brand in China by sales

honor terzo brand smartphone cina 2021honor terzo brand smartphone cina 2021

Already a couple of months ago, George Zhao’s brand had managed to climb up the ladder to take a 9.5% share of the market, while waiting for the smartphones that would start Honor’s new life. With the arrival of the mid-top range Honor 50, it managed to do much more.

than expected. In fact, sales after 3 months have been such that the company is among the top three in the country, with a market share of 14.6%.

This is certainly an important incentive for the release of the real top range of the year or rather, the top range of the Magic 3

series, which promises sparks in that price range. The premises to get to this point if Honor has really had to give it by itself, claiming over time to want to exceed what was done by the P and Mate series of the former parent company Huawei.

In short, a real rebirth for a brand that wants to impose as soon as possible in the international market. Will it succeed?

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