In recent weeks, Honda has unveiled a stunning SUV concept called, for now, the e:N Concept. These rather tall and slender vehicles will be reserved for China, but something immediately strikes you: its design goes against the grain of the rather rounded shapes found overwhelmingly on the market.

A design that is actually very reminiscent of the only vehicle to focus on angles in 2022: the Tesla Cybertruck. At Tesla, these lines have a purely utilitarian function. They allow the manufacturer to simplify manufacturing. The car’s exterior, made of aerospace steel, serves as a structure. All this allows Tesla to keep costs down, so the final price of the pickup is quite reasonable.

Forget the Cybertruck, this Honda concept is much better looking!

That said, since the first presentation of the Cybetruck, Tesla had to modify the design a bit – for the worse, some would say – for homologation reasons. A redesing that some find a bit of a shame, and that breaks the fiercely modern look of the original model. With its concept, Honda takes up the idea of angles, but the deeper intention seems to be more aesthetic.

The front grille is just sublime, there is no visible mirror, the sides are perfectly flat, and the rear is just as fierce as the front. However, this is not a pickup truck but an SUV. Of course, it must be stressed at this point that this big car is still a concept. And that if a similar product comes on the market, it will be, like Tesla, at the price of big modifications.

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Nevertheless, the aesthetic intention, and its realization on the concepts that have been unveiled creates a real expectation around very futuristic designs, built with angles. Launching such a model in China would be quite smart for Honda. Tesla has a good market share there, which could be strengthened with the Cybertruck. It remains to be seen whether Honda can control its costs as much as its American competitor with such concepts.

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