Six U.S. states have implemented new regulations preventing the sale of “high-performance” PCs, highlighting that overly power-hungry computers contribute to rising utility bills by preventing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The new legislation is in place in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont and Washington, states that have opted for stricter energy consumption standards, a move that will affect the sale of high-end PCs.

The Register website explains that in the states in question Dell no longer offers two desktop PCs of the Alienware series designed for gaming, but the same problem arises for other manufacturers that offer configurations with Intel and AMD CPUs with top of the range Nvidia and AMD Radeon video cards.

The stop to the sale of certain types of PCs in some U.S. states comes with the second phase of the California Energy Commission (CEC) plan that forces manufacturers to meet specific standards on power consumption.

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It’s unclear if the problem also affects Apple with the Mac Pro. The Appleinsider site reports that a 2019 Mac Pro configured with a 2.5GHz 28-core Intel Xeon W processor, two Radeon Pro Vega II Duos, 1.5TB of RAM, Apple After Burner card, and 4TB SSD, has an idle (idle) power draw of 302W and 902W with a fully loaded CPU, numbers that are higher than the specifications given by Dell for the Alienware Ryzen Edition that can no longer ship to six US states. Hardware requirements obviously vary from device to device, and by configuration, and so it’s possible that Mac Pros will fall within the specifications set forth in the CEC’s line guides.

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With the new rules in place, authorities have projected to save 2.3 billion kilowatt-hours per year, equivalent to the energy consumption of all the homes in San Francisco, releasing less air pollution into the air from combustible power plants.

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In December this year, manufacturers of monitors, notebooks and other products will have to comply with additional rules.

To correctly calculate the electricity consumed by a computer it is sufficient to know the watts consumed (this can be done using a UPS that allows you to accurately monitor consumption or using a wattmeter or current meter

to be connected to the computer and to the devices connected to it) and to know the kw/h consumed;

To obtain the total cost deriving from the use of one’s own computer for a given number of hours a day it is sufficient to use the following formula

: [(watts * number of hours) /1,000] * kWh cost = total cost

To know the annual cost just multiply the value obtained by 365 and thus obtain the total expenditure of 12 months