Available since November 2020, the new Xboxes (just like the PS5) are obviously monsters of power, but are a bit stingy in terms of storage… Indeed, the Xbox Series X offers a little more than 800 GB available for the user, while the Xbox Series S only displays 362 GB. So limited storage, and increasingly greedy games, which take up more and more space on the SSD…

Xbox Series X|S: a storage trick

Unless you’ve opted for the official Seagate memory card for Xbox, or connected an external hard drive to the USB port of your new Xbox, you have no choice but to juggle the games installed on your machine. So it’s not uncommon to have to delete a game that’s a bit too big, in order to install a recent game, for example the new Flight Simulator, which alone eats up more than 100 GB on the SSD

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However, some users have noticed that the Xbox sometimes tends to install a duplicate game, which obviously wastes precious storage. Those who have an external hard drive connected via USB to their Xbox can have the same game installed on both the SSD and the external hard drive.

There are several reasons for this, starting with a bug when downloading the game. The Xbox then downloads the game to both the internal SSD and the external hard drive. Also, when upgrading an Xbox One game to the Xbox Series version, it is possible to have both versions of the game in question in the console’s memory. In this case, you should consider deleting the Xbox One version.

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We therefore strongly recommend that you go to your Xbox console’s settings and check the Storage section to see if there is a game installed twice on your console, and if you delete it, you could immediately recover precious Go.

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