Like every year, the end of December is the perfect time to take stock of the year. For the Twitch platform, it’s a chance to unveil the 10 games and 10 categories that were the most successful on Amazon’s platform. One thing is for sure, Twitch continues to grow and in 2021 totaled over 24 billion hours of viewing (up from 17 billion in 2020). Something tells us that this should continue to rise in the coming months and years!

GTA V, the king of Twitch

Eight years after its release, Rockstar Games’ game is still going strong. While the rapper Dr. Dre has just arrived in GTA Online through a new update, we learn that the latest GTA to date continues to rock the counters and statistics. It is indeed the most watched game of the year on the Twitch platform with more than 2.1 billion hours viewed.

  1. Just Chatting: 3.1 billion hours viewed
  2. Grand Theft Auto V: 2.1 billion hours viewed
  3. League of Legends: 1.8 billion hours viewed
  4. Fortnite: 1 billion hours viewed
  5. Valorant: 949 million hours viewed
  6. Minecraft: 880 million hours viewed
  7. Call of Duty Warzone: 858 million hours viewed
  8. Counter-Strike Global Offensive: 757 million hours viewed
  9. Apex Legends: 691 million hours viewed
  10. Dota 2: 578 million hours viewed

Note that “Just Chatting” is considered as a game and a category in this ranking made by Stream Element. GTA V is thus ranked far ahead of League of Legends, Fortnite or Valorant. The first “new license” arrives in 18th position with New World.

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Twitch: video games and more!

Caspar Camille Rubin / Unsplash

Specializing in video games, Twitch has become a much more comprehensive platform to specialize in live content streaming. Today, video games are no longer the only area that attracts viewers!

  1. Just Chatting: 3.1 billion hours viewed
  2. Gambling and Casino: 287 million hours viewed
  3. Music: 267 million hours viewed
  4. Sports: 165 million hours viewed
  5. Art: 128 million hours viewed
  6. ASMR: 111 million hours viewed
  7. Talk Shows and Podcasts: 91,000 hours viewed
  8. Pools, Hot Tubs & Beaches: 43,000 hours viewed
  9. Science & Technology: 28,000 hours viewed
  10. Travel & Outdoors: 28,000 hours viewed

We note the presence of the very controversial category “Hot Tubes” with more than 43,000 hours viewed in eighth position. Be careful with the r It can go very fast on Amazon’s platform!


By: Twitch Interactive, Inc