The American specialist in protective glass for mobile devices, Corning, unveils its Gorilla DX technology. Adapted to the photo lenses of smartphones, it aims to protect them from scratches.

Smartphone owners are familiar with Gorilla Glass technology, which is omnipresent on their screens. These protective glasses designed by the American Corning protect as much as possible from scratches and shocks the touch panels and, on certain models, play the carapaces for their glass back. The Gorilla Glass Victus, the seventh generation of the brand, equips the most high-end phones of the moment. As for the photo blocks of mobiles, they are generally covered with a protective glass that, from now on, will be able to benefit from Corning’s know-how.

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Corning’s new Gorilla DX.

The brand is now unveiling the Gorilla Glass DX and DX+, a variation of the eponymous glass introduced in 2018, which was then intended for connected watches. The DX of 2021 are designed for smaller elements, and especially even more demanding. To protect the photo lenses, the whole issue is to let enough light through so that the shots are properly exposed. Corning claims that its new lenses let 98% of light through. ” Corning’s Gorilla Glass composites not only provide lens protection for mobile devices with increased scratch resistance and durability over traditional coatings, but also improve the optical performance required for these devices,” the company says. The company added that DX is almost as scratch resistant as sapphire glass, which is often found on watches.

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Samsung in the front row

If no smartphone is yet equipped with Gorilla Glass DX, Corning says that Samsung will be its first customer. We can therefore hope to see this composite on the devices presented at the Unpacked Event scheduled for August 11, and probably on the next generation of iPhone expected in the fall. Let’s remember that Apple is one of the world’s most fs loyal customers and injected funds into the company last spring to support research and job creation in the United States.