The dark mode is nothing new for Google. Not in vain we can find it, for example, on YouTube. However, and surprising as it may seem, this visual mode, which has been so much in demand for some time now, has not yet landed on the search engine, except in closed beta. And I say it’s surprising because I understand that it poses some technical complexity, in terms of what colors and when they should be replaced by others. But of course, the same happens with more complex interfaces, such as YouTube, where it has been available for some time.

Fortunately, it seems that this lack has its days numbered. And, as we can read in Business Insider, Google is already testing the dark mode in the search engine. The bad part is that for now only certain users can access it. Hopefully the deployment will be progressive and fast, and that in not too long this option will be available to all users. Although, of course, this is only an assumption, as the company has not informed about it.

A very interesting aspect of the dark mode of the Google search engine is that it does not depend on the configuration of the operating system or the browser and, what is even better, everything suggests that it can be used not only in Google Chrome, it is also available in other browsers, since, at least in this first phase of deployment, the adjustment is made directly from the configuration of the web interface of the search engine.

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Google empieza a desplegar el modo oscuro en el buscador

Users who have already received access to this setting will see, when accessing the browser, a message telling them that the dark mode is now available and, from the same, they can activate it to start using it immediately. Also, if they reject it at first but later want to activate it, they will only have to click on Settings, at the bottom of the web interface of the search engine and, in the menu that will open, they will be able to activate the Google dark mode.

This setting is associated with the Google user account, so when you choose the dark mode, this should be displayed whenever you access the browser having logged in, regardless of whether you do it from different browsers or, inclusively.or, from different devices. However, if you use the Google app for Android or iOS, they will still be displayed in clear mode.