BRIEFING // The pandemic continues to benefit digital giants. Witness Google’s second-quarter financial results, with new records in tow.

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With $62 billion in revenue, $18.5 billion in net income, Google (Alphabet Inc.) exceeded all expectations in the second quarter, buoyed by rising online searches, a boom in e-commerce and – most importantly – a surge in ad spending, including on YouTube. The retail (far ahead), tourism and financial services sectors spent the most on advertising at the online giant, and the video platform was particularly busy. Its turnover exceeded 7 billion dollars (+83% over one year).

On the cloud, Google remains behind Amazon and Microsoft, but its services show revenues up 54% in one year, to 4.6 billion dollars. A cloud division whose quarterly losses (591 million dollars) are down sharply (1.4 billion last year over the same period). This can be explained by slightly lower investments. Despite this excellent balance sheet, the stock market remained measured in the face of the announcement of these results; at fault, the current fears around the recovery of the epidemic almost everywhere in the world, according to the financial director Ruth Porat.

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