Google is about to introduce its next generation of high-end smartphones with the Pixel 6. However, the firm is expected to launch the Pixel 5a beforehand, a more affordable model, but certainly not without its strengths.

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How the pricing chart works

The upcoming Pixel 6 are highly anticipated, and seem to signal a change in strategy at Google. Indeed, everything indicates that they will be offered at a high price, similar to the top of the range of Samsung, Apple and others. While it’s targeting the premium segment, Google isn’t forgetting that it’s its more affordable smartphones like the Pixel 3a and 4a that have allowed it to capture market share in the long run.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Le Google Pixel 6 / © Google

The Google Pixel 6 / © Google

Last April, we learned that the Silicon Valley giant was working on a Pixel 5a, expected before the end of 2021. However, it had confirmed that this model would only be available in the United States and Japan. The semiconductor crisis affecting the industry since the start of the pandemic seems to partly explain this geographical restriction. Perhaps a strong success on the other side of the Atlantic could change the situation, but Europe is not concerned for the moment.

The famous leaker Jon Prosser, who is often well informed about the range, recently spoke about the issue and indicated that it could be launched as early as August 26. So we wouldn’t have to wait until the Pixel 6 is unveiled to find out about it, which finally makes some sense in terms of marketing. The device has already passed the FCC certifications, which means that it is almost ready.

According to Prosser, the smartphone will only be available online and in physical Google Stores. It is expected to cost $450, which is in line with the philosophy of the “a” series. An interesting price considering the technical specifications, partly revealed in passing.

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A good photophone at a low price

If we believe the leaker, the Pixel 5a will offer a design very similar to the Pixel 4a and 4a 5G, consisting of a panel (probably OLED) FHD + 6.4 inches, and will therefore be less compact than its elder. The screen should be refreshed at 90 Hz, as is now often the case in the mid-range. As the first in-house SoC was intended for the Pixel 6, this model will make do with a Snapdragon 765 coupled with 6GB of RAM. A chip that will obviously open the doors to 5G.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Le Pixel 5a devrait largement reprendre le design du Pixel 4a 5G

The Pixel 5a should largely take on the design of the Pixel 4a 5G

Photography shouldn’t be left behind, as Prosser explains that the device will feature the same setup as the Pixel 5: a 12MP main module and a 16MP ultra-wide-angle. The front sensor, meanwhile, is housed in a punch to the left of the screen. Even if these sensors are a bit old, the quality should logically be there.

Its larger dimensions also allow it to carry a 4650 mAh battery, compared to 4080 mAh for the Pixel 5. We can legitimately expect a very good autonomy. As an added bonus, the Pixel 5a is said to offer IP67 waterproof certification and a 3.5mm jack. On paper, it has everything to become an excellent choice in the mid-range segment. We’ll just have to wait until August 26 to confirm all this information.