At Amazon today, the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is available for £19.99, a great price to afford this Bluetooth connected scale.

Easier to set up than a wifi scale, the connected scale is controlled from the Mi Fit app that delivers reports of the user’s metabolism based on many criteria. So you can keep an eye on your figure with just one click.

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In addition to overall weight, Scale 2 shows 13 body statistics such as height, weight, muscle mass, basal metabolism, bone mass, BMI, moisture, visceral fat, body fat, or body index. You need to go to the dedicated Mi Fit application to view your entire body composition. It also lists the progress made throughout the weighing. It should also be noted that this model can weigh small objects, which can be useful as a food scale.

Its advantages

  • Clean and minimalist design
  • Easy to use
  • Clear application
  • 13 measurements available

What could slow you down

  • Choice of Bluetooth and not wifi
  • LED display not always very readable depending on the brightness

As an alternative

The Terraillon Master Fit is easy to use and its app is very intuitive. This connected scale provides complete measurements, and in this way becomes a good ally for monitoring your weight in addition to fat, bone, water and muscle mass. It is also very accurate. We regret not having more indications on the daily nutritional intake to respect or a weight curve displayed directly on the screen.

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