Once one of the leaders, BlackBerry was unable to hold its own against Apple and Android smartphone makers. As a result, the Canadian company eventually abandoned the smartphone market to focus on other, more profitable markets.

However, new BlackBerry-branded smartphones continued to be released, thanks to a partnership between the company and TCL. But once again, it was a flop. And TCL eventually dropped its contract with BlackBerry.

After TCL’s failure, OnwardMobility takes over the license to produce and market BlackBerry-branded smartphones

In 2020, another company, called Onward Mobility, announced yet another comeback e the Canadian brand in the smartphone market. OnwardMobility has reached an agreement with BlackBerry and plans to release new smartphones using the Canadian brand.

Back in February, it looked like the release of OnwardMobility’s first BlackBerry smartphone

would be imminent. But today, as we are already in the second quarter, still nothing.

Nevertheless, the good news is that this new BlackBerry smartphone is still in the pipeline. OnwardMobility, the company that will resurrect the Canadian brand, has just given a sign of life.

A pre-engagement program for those interested in the next BlackBerry

More to the point, on its website, OnwardMobility has launched a “pre-engagement” program for “customers interested in purchasing the innovative new BlackBerry 5G smartphones.”

By signing up for this program, the company’s future customers will have the opportunity to have all the information, influence the development of the smartphone, but also be the first to be served when the product is released. Registration is done via a form on the company’s website.

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If the launch of this program signals that the new BlackBerry smartphone is still in the pipeline, it does not give us more information. We still don’t know when the product will finally be released. And as far as features go, all we know is that the next BlackBerry will be 5G capable, and that it should also focus on security, an area that has historically been BlackBerry’s workhorse.

We can also assume that OnwardMobility should equip this smartphone with a physical keyboard, since this is also one of BlackBerry’s trademarks, and something that is highly valued by the brand’s fans. It remains to be seen whether OnwardMobility will be able to break through where TCL failed.

While waiting for the release of this new BlackBerry, designers are already having fun imagining what it could look like

. In the video below, for example, Concept Creator imagines a model with a physical keyboard. <iframe width=”740″ height=”416″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/rPJ9cLPwuaw?feature=oembed” frameborder=”0″>