When it passed through our lab, Jamo’s Studio 8 range stood out for its very good value for money. This is even more true with the current discount at Darty, which places the manufacturer’s 5.1.2 kit at the attractive price of €650. The offer is not as stunning as the one proposed by Veeppee two years ago, but it’s clearly worth a look for those who want to equip themselves with a real 3D surround set at a low price. The kit includes a pair of S807 floorstanding speakers, an S81 Cen centre speaker, a pair of S801 bookshelf surround speakers, a pair of S8 ATM Atmos modules and an S808 Subwoofer.

The offer includes the three colours white, black and wood.

At this price, you have to accept a finish that doesn’t exude great luxury, but the essential is perfectly assured since the speakers provide a very solid sound performance. Capable of a precise and dynamic sound reproduction, these speakers also amazed us by the quality of the spatialization they are able to produce – a quality obviously very welcome for speakers dedicated to home cinema. They are also perfectly at ease in musical listening. The only reproach we could make is that they have a slightly aggressive “V” signature; however, it is enough to associate them with an amplifier equipped with an automatic acoustic calibration function to calm this trait easily.

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