According to the WHO (World Health Organization), diabetes is one of the main chronic diseases, which takes the lives of many people every year. Therefore, it is important that individuals who suffer from it have a constant control of their blood glucose values.

As science has evolved, this has become easier and more accessible. Nowadays, you only need to buy a glucometer to know your blood sugar levels in a matter of seconds. If you’re interested in learning a little more about this important health device, keep reading this article. We’ll tell you about the most important things you need to know.

The most important thing to know

  • When you have a lifelong disease, such as diabetes, it is important to keep a close eye on the level of sugar in your blood. That’s why you need to have a glucometer on hand.
  • Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to go through the uncomfortable moment of pricking. It is because glucometers have already been created that take the sample from the tissues, thus avoiding the bad moment of drawing blood.
  • Glucometers are the safest and most viable way to prevent diabetes from becoming chronic. However, when buying one, you should consider certain aspects. We’ll talk about them at the end of our guide.

The Best Blood Glucose Meters on the Market: Our Recommendations

Currently, there are glucometers on the market with different particularities. That’s why we’ve found it necessary to mention a few brands that meet specific criteria that you might be interested in before making your purchase.

The best value for money glucometer

The Glucomen Aerial 2k is one of the glucose meters that have a very good quality standard at a low cost. It will help you monitor and measure your blood ketone levels. In addition, it has the ability to be customizable and provide you with 3 measurements between meals.

This device has state of the art technology, as you can connect it to your mobile, computer or any device, making it easy to use as well. This glucometer, due to its technology, quality and low price, has earned a space in the list of the best glucometers in our article. This device is a good long-term investment, as you get a really good product at a low cost.

The best glucometer without a prick

The Sinocare AQ Smart glucometer is one of the blood sugar meters that have triumphed in the market. It is because this device is non-invasive for the patient. Another strong point of this product is that it can adapt to the characteristics of your skin and, at the same time, record an average of 10 results.

This product has been in the market for a couple of years now. It is highly recommended for people who want practicality, simplicity and, above all, eliminate that uncomfortable feeling generated by pricking yourself.

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The best traditional glucometer

The Sinocare safe-Accu glucometer has positioned itself as one of the best traditional glucometers (that is to say, with

prick). After only 5 seconds, it gives you your result.

In addition, this device is very convenient because, once the test is completed, you just press a button to remove the test. It also has more accessories than the competition, since it has 50 lancets and 50 strips, among other accessories.

The best modern glucometer

Exactive EQ impulse is a glucometer that has a high contrast display. In addition, it is a modern model that makes it easy for you to see all the data. In as little as 5 seconds, it gives you the results of your tests.

Also, this device stores the last 30 test results. It is a very reliable product as it has only 20% margin of error. Therefore, it is highly recommended for people who want a reliable and modern glucometer.

Buying Guide: What you need to know about blood glucose meters

If you have already decided to buy a blood glucose meter, it is important that you are aware of several criteria that the product should meet

. Here are

the most frequently asked questions from users that you need to know.

Glucómetro en usoGlucómetro en usoIt is important to prevent high blood glucose levels, as this can lead to long-term problems. (Source: Rh2010: 124403803 / 123rf)

What is a glucometer?

A glucose meter, or commonly known as a glucometer, is a device that allows you, through a drop of blood, to measure your blood glucose instantly.

In most cases, this device is used by people who suffer from diabetes. This is because with this instrument they can control their glucose in an optimal way and thus avoid further problems.

How does a glucometer work?

This type of device has a very simple functionality. In fact, you’ve probably already noticed this if you have one at home. Below, we will take a step-by-step look at how a glucometer works:

  1. Glucometers have strips, which have electrical intensity and enzymes. When they come into contact with a drop of blood, they are activated.
  2. Subsequently, oxidation takes place, which produces electrons.
  3. As a last step, an electric current is generated and sent by the device and the result is immediately displayed.

How to use a glucometer?

After having understood how this particular device works, we will go on to explain how to use it correctly. It should be noted that this explanation will be based on the use of a classic glucometer, i.e. with a prick.

  1. With the help of cotton and alcohol, clean the area of the finger where the glucometer will be used.
  2. Then, prick your finger with a lancet and place the drop of blood on the test strips.
  3. Then install the strip The test result is reactive in the meter well. Wait between 8 to 5 seconds to know the result of your test.
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How often should I use the glucometer if I am diabetic?

This fluctuates depending on the type of diabetes you have. For example, patients with type 1 diabetes might test about 6 to 10 times a day. If you have type 2 diabetes and use insulin, your doctor will probably suggest that you use it more times a day. It all depends on the amount and type of insulin you use.

Some doctors recommend having this type of blood test after exercise, before eating, and at night before going to bed. It is also important to mention that you should go to your family doctor for personalized advice, since every body is different.

What types of blood glucose meters are available on the market?

Currently, there are glucometers with test strips and without test strips. To understand a little better, let’s define what test strips are. Well, they are plastics that have electrical intensity and enzymes.

The patient’s blood is placed there and then put into the opening of the glucometer to reveal the result of blood glucose. Among those with test strips are:

  • Electrochemical reaction: The glucometer gives a value according to the color of the drop of blood that has been placed on the test strip.
  • Reflectance photometry: Measures or calculates the electrical current accumulated in the test strip as the glucose in the deposited blood oxidizes.

Glucometers without test strips have had a great reception in the market in recent years. This is because it is a faster and simpler process. To use this device, all you have to do is place your finger in the slot and wait 4 seconds to get the result.

Glucómetro en usoGlucómetro en uso This type of glucometer does not need blood to give you a reliable result. (Source: Dedmityay: 97907428 / 123rf)

How do I set up a glucometer?

Setting up a glucometer is very easy. You synchronize the device with a mobile phone or computer and in a couple of minutes you can make any changes you want.

    • Meter button: This little button allows you to do many things. Once you press it, the device will turn on and you will be able to see the last result that was performed. If you keep pressing it, you will be able to see the previous blood glucose levels.
    • Date and time: To change it you only need to synchronize it with a device that has software for diabetes treatment.
    • Ideal range: Just like changing the date and time, you only need to sync your meter with a device that has diabetes treatment software. and follow the instructions on it.

What are the benefits of having a glucometer at home?

Having a glucometer on hand brings great advantages, as you can detect your high blood glucose levels early and prevent long-term disease. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the benefits it can bring:

  • It allows you to detect hyperglycemia early.
  • Helps you be less likely to have chronic complications.
  • Alerts you if you need to exercise more and take care of your diet.
  • Helps you choose the best times of the day to eat a snack.
  • Helps prevent the development of chronic diabetes complications.
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Purchasing criteria

When you are going to buy a glucometer, you should consider some key points, as this will allow you to make a good purchase. Here is a list of important points to consider when choosing the product that best suits your needs.


The memory of the glucometer fluctuates, depending on the brand of this product. However, in general, most models can store between 10 to 730 measurements.

This is important for many people, as they can keep track of their blood sugar values in detail. You will need to assess how important this is to you and choose accordingly.


As we know, people with these kinds of diseases need to carry their glucometer with them at all times. That is why it should be easy to carry. Nowadays, there are lighter and more compact models on the market.

In addition, it is important to mention that nowadays there are glucometers that do not require the use of strips. This is a key point, as most young patients prefer a device that can be used anywhere.

Measuring time

We know that time is money. That’s why you need a glucometer that delivers a reliable result within seconds. The measuring time is usually between 4 to 10 seconds, depending on the model and brand.

This factor can increase the price of the product.


, you should know how important it is for you and choose your model accordingly.

Tiempo de glucómetroTiempo de glucómetroThe use of a glucometer is very beneficial for your health. (Source: Rh2010: 124403701 / 123rf)


Although this aspect depends on the use of the glucometer, in many cases the battery of such devices does not last very long. This is usually due to a problem during the manufacturing process.

You should find out which brands offer the longest battery life. You should also

we recommend having a spare battery in case your meter’s original battery runs out of power quickly.


In short, the glucometer is a product whose main function is to measure blood sugar levels. There are all kinds of models, which can be adapted to your needs. Moreover, it is a device with reliable results.

At the same time, different health organizations recommend it, because unfortunately more and more people are suffering from diabetes. Having a glucometer at home could help prevent this disease.

Given the many benefits and properties that the glucometer can bring to your health care, there are already many families who have integrated it into their lives. And you, do you dare to try it?

(Featured image source: Pavel Danilyuk: 7653102 / pexels)