The Gigaset GL7 is a clamshell phone with traditional push-button controls, large for seniors, but with the ability to take advantage of apps such as WhatsApp, Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, and others. The device is primarily for a senior audience and users who prefer not to interact with a touch screen, but still want to check e-mail, surf the web, and send and receive texts and photos via messaging apps.

The Gigaset GL7 has a dedicated button for the WhatsApp messaging service and has an SOS function to activate an emergency call that dials five predefined numbers in succession until a connection is established. The approach is retro: a classic “flip phone,” but with three card slots, GPS, internet connection and multimedia services, which will not displease a wider audience.

The phone in question is designed for those who do not necessarily want a touchscreen and think that apps such as WhatsApp or Google Maps can be convenient and functional, in cell phones with its regulation buttons to which a dedicated WhatsApp button has been added.

The Gigaset GL7 comes with its own charging base, a practical solution that avoids cable clutter. Another important feature is that of the emergency button. When the SOS button is pressed, up to five predefined phone numbers are called. If no one answers the first one, the next number is automatically called.

Important phone numbers can be stored on three speed dial keys.The device has a hands-free function, can play MP3 ringtones, and has Bluetooth for pairing with a wireless headset. The terminal can access the Internet with WLAN, 4G and its own browser.

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The KaiOS operating system, tailored for keypad phones, provides access to an app store with applications such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Google Duo or YouTube. Pressing the WhatsApp button opens the messaging app and allows you to read and reply to messages. The phone can play videos with sound and integrates its own music and video player. Photographs can be taken with the built-in 2MP camera, and the built-in GPS module enables the use of location services such as Google Maps.

The built-in 4GB memory can be expanded up to 128GB with a microSD card. At the same time, the mobile accommodates two SIM cards, for example, to make calls at cheaper rates with a prepaid card purchased abroad on vacation. The Gigaset GL7 comes with a charging base, headset and quick guide. The list price is 109 euros, but at the time of writing on Amazon it is offered at a discount to 86.20 euros.