If you want to increase safety while driving your car, there is currently a small accessory on discount that you can install on the dashboard and consequently slightly transform the windshield. It is a device about the size of a smartphone that rests right next to the glass to allow it to project on the adjacent portion of the windshield some technical information of the vehicle.

In technical jargon it’s called HUD, which stands for Head Up Display, literally “head up display”: basically what is shown on the screen is reflected on the glass, like a sort of projector that creates a holographic effect on a small area of the windshield (about 3.5 inches). In this way, data such as engine RPM, water temperature, speed, battery charge and so on (data that are acquired by connecting the device to the OBD II socket of the car), instead of having to be searched under the steering wheel are shown on the windshield, allowing the user to keep his eyes focused as much as possible on what is happening on the road.

This in fact avoids looking down even for that handful of seconds useful to read such information but that can be fatal when driving on busy roads, unknown or where in general any unexpected event could be fatal. It is also equipped with an alarm system, configurable by the user, to warn him when he exceeds a certain speed, in order to be sure to avoid fines in those stretches of road where speed cameras could be placed.

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There is also a system for the automatic adjustment of the brightness in order to reduce it in the dark, for example when traveling in tunnels or at night, and increase it when the external light is particularly strong. Eventually you can still decide to adjust it manually.

Included, in addition to the cable for connection to the car, you will find a film that increases the reflection of the screen (if you thought it necessary) and a non-slip mat to place the HUD on the dashboard safely. If you are interested in buying, at the moment you find it on offer at 18.76 euros.

We remind you that among the payment methods is also available PayPal, which guarantees the possibility to take advantage of the PayPal purchase protection in case of need. The offer is valid while stocks last; for further information on costs and shipping times, possible charges and order management, you can consult the seller’s website.