For years, gas cookers have been used for domestic and commercial cooking in Spain. Although the advance of technology has given prominence to other cooking mechanisms, this has not implied the withdrawal of gas appliances. On the contrary, the evolution in gastronomic technology has sought to correct some defects and enhance those benefits that characterize this type of cooker.

Gas cookers have developed different innovative factors that continue to proclaim them as the queens of gastronomy. Advances in safety, ease of cleaning, aesthetics and flexibility of installation, as well as improvements in their cooking mechanisms, have given gas cookers back their lost prominence. If you are used to working with them, in this article you will find everything you need to know to acquire the most suitable one. Let’s get started!

The most important thing

  • The gas cooker is the most economical and sustainable model when it comes to work, both domestically and commercially. It is also the favourite of professional chefs.
  • Nowadays, there are very modern and effective safety mechanisms that avoid any danger, minimizing one of the most important disadvantages of this type of cooker.
  • If you want to buy a gas cooker, you must take into account your needs and some criteria that differentiate some products from others: safety, size, cooking, hobs and the way they are installed.

The best gas cookers on the market: Our recommendations

Below, we are going to show you a list of the best gas cookers on the market. With our recommendations, we will make your purchase decision easier by choosing between different options according to your needs and interests. Take pencil and paper, and get to know the most outstanding models by users.

The best gas cooker for value for money

This Noxton gas cooker has 4 burners with LPG KIT, its size is 60 cm and it is made of stainless steel. In addition, it has a power of 7800 watts and is suitable for natural gas or butane.

We recommend this gas cooker as the most outstanding value for money. Users who have enjoyed it highlight its ease of use and installation. In addition, they highlight the quality of its features and the possibility of having a good equipment at an affordable price.

The best gas cooker with 3 burners

This Orbegozo FO 3450 butane or propane gas cooker has a piezoelectric ignition and three burners. Its power ranges from 750 to 1800 W, and it is suitable for outdoor use. Its dimensions are 60 x 36.5 x 10 cm and it is white. In addition, it has a non-stick coating.

This gas cooker can work with G-30 gas, pressure of 30 amber and G-31, with pressure of 37mbar. Its users highlight that, despite not having a very high power, it fulfills its function perfectly. In addition, it is easy to store and its three burners offer the possibility of cooking different preparations.

The best gas cooker for your safety

This natural gas hob from ma

rca Hisense has 3 cooking zones and has a size of 60 cm. In addition, the grids are made of cast iron and the gas burners are on a glass plate.

This gas cooker, as well as being stylish and easier to clean because of its glass base, has the most recommended safety systems that will protect you from the main dangers of a cooker if necessary. Therefore, it has automatic ignition integrated in the controls and the GasStop safety system to prevent gas leaks.

The best gas cooker for its power

This butane gas hob from Cata has 4 burners and cast iron grills; its plate is made of glass. Its width is 59 cm and its power is 8 kW (8000 watts). It also has electronic ignition systems and safety valves.

This cooker is a must-have if you are looking for a particularly powerful cooker. Its 4 burners are divided into 2 x 1.75 kW, 1 x 3.5 kW and 1 x 1 kW auxiliary burner. It weighs 9 kilos and its square support improves the stability of any message even if it is moved. An easy to install product with a modern style for your kitchen.

The best gas cooker for camping

This portable gas cooker from MPM is made of aluminium and weighs 3 kg. On the other hand, it has a lid that makes it easily transportable and prevents dirt. Its G30-37 gas socket allows you to use the stove with butane gas adapted to EU regulations.

This gas stove is ideal for your camping

, outdoor activities and even as an extra stove for situations that require it with many people. It has a total power of 4.3 kW and a gas consumption of 313 g/h. In addition, its enamelled casing protects it from factors such as humidity and ensures its longevity. Its convenient size and light weight make it easy to move and quick to install wherever you want to cook.

Buying guide: What you should know about gas cook


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If you are still not sure whether to buy a gas cooker, pay attention because here are the most common and important questions for users of this type of appliance. Below, you will find essential information that will help you to make your purchase process clearer. This way, you will be able to choose the ideal gas cooker for you and your home.

CocinandoCocinandoUsing gas cookers is a pleasure for those who love cooking. (Sources: Briscoe: 7MAjXGUmaPw / unsplash)

What are gas cookers?

A gas cooker is an appliance made for cooking food. It has a certain number of burners or fires that are located on the cooktop. In addition, it may or may not include an oven, which can be used individually or simultaneously with the hobs, being integrated or installed independently of the The size of the gas cooker you need will depend on your needs.

The main difference with other types of cookers is that these work through natural gas or butane, that is, through pipes or through cylinders, respectively.

It is the most common type of cooker in most homes and, at the same time, the most economical.

It is

characterised by its flame, power and cooking speed.

Why buy a gas cooker?

It would be worth answering this question with another question: Why not buy one? Think about the facilities and satisfactions that a gas cooker can give you for your home. Below, we will give you the main reasons why you should have one for your day-to-day life:

  • It is more economical than electric models, both in operation (gas) and in purchase price.
  • There is a variety depending on their use, such as portable gas cookers.
  • They are safe. They have safety valves for possible gas leaks.
  • They have more power and cooking speed than electric models.
  • They are ideal for cooking enthusiasts thanks to the sensation of real fire.
  • They are more environmentally friendly due to a lower CO₂ consumption than glass ceramic and induction hobs.

How does a gas cooker work?

It’s always good to know how your gas cooker works, as it can help you to solve any unexpected problems without needing the help of a professional. If you use natural gas, it will come from your home’s mains supply and, in the case of using a gas cylinder, it will come from the same.

The gas is directed to the burners to mix with air and begins to be released thanks to the holes in the burners. Finally, this mixture comes into contact with the spark until the flame is projected.

On the other hand, for proper operation, you must know how to turn your gas cooker on and off according to its characteristics. Here are the steps to follow


  • If the gas cooker does not have electronic ignition: You will need to have a lighter or a match that you will have to bring close to light the stove, after lighting the burner knob (on the front of the cooker).
  • If the cooker has electronic ignition: You will be able to light the cooker with the burner control which will create the spark to light the flame.

In both cases, to turn off your cooker you simply have to turn off the gas by closing the knob of the burner in use.

How to clean a gas cooker?

The cleaning of a gas cooker must follow certain basic steps, mainly to make sure that you are not in danger when carrying out the procedure. These are:

  1. Make sure the cooker is completely turned off, cool, and the gas is turned off.
  2. Take care of the grates (where pans etc. are placed) and the burners. Both can contain grease or soot (produced by smoke) that can clog the burners.
  3. Next, you should clean the base of the cooker. To do this, you should consider getting a grease remover and an aluminium scouring pad (for scrubbing). If you don’t have one, we recommend the use of soap and water.
  4. When everything is dry and well degreased, you can put them back in place in the same way they were. To dry well, it is advisable to use kitchen paper. This way, your kitchen will be completely spotless and well preserved.
  5. One thing you should bear in mind for your gas cooker is to clean it whenever you can (and whenever it is necessary). Do not let your cooker remain dirty, as this can be detrimental to its optimal conservation.

What types of gas cooker are there?

There are different types of gas cooker and to choose the right one for you, you should consider the following factors:

  • Number of people: Depending on whether your needs are individual or include more users, you can decide whether you want a smaller cooker (2-3 burners) or a classic one (4 burners). If required, 6-burner cookers are also normally marketed.
  • Usage requirements: You can use it in your home as usual or as a secondary cooker for special occasions. For example, if you have an electric cooker you may have problems if there is no electricity. Then you might need a classic camping gas stove.
  • Types of gas cooker: In this aspect, we refer to your needs from the point of view of the model. We can basically differentiate between 3 types of gas cooker: countertop (except for tempered glass), camping and tempered glass.
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Worktop cookers Campingcookers Tempered glass cookers
Usual number of burners. 4 1-3 3-5
Location/ type of use. Households. Campsites, terraces, outdoor activities, etc. Households.
Energy source. Natural gas or butane. Butane/propane gas cylinder (of adjusted size). Natural gas or butane.
Mobility option. Fixed structure in the kitchen. They are portable and can be easily transported. Fixed structure in the kitchen like the classic countertop ones.
Price range. Medium-high. Medium-Low. High.

What is the difference between gas and electric cookers?

As we mentioned at the beginning, electric cookers have begun to dispute the place of preference to gas cookers at domestic and commercial level. The practicality and ease of use of electric models have caught the attention of more than one, although gas cookers still retain their preponderance for many reasons. Below, we share a chart for you to evaluate the differences between one and the other:

Advantages of the gas cooker Advantages of the electric cooker
  • Gas cookers can be manufactured with a greater variety of materials (clay, iron, stainless steel) and shapes (designs).
  • They are more economical because their energy source (gas) is cheaper than electricity.
  • They require less time to heat up and offer greater heat control than electric ones.
  • Lower cost both installation and maintenance.
  • The gastronomic cultural opinion (great professionals of the kitchen) recognizes the greater efficiency of the gas cooker to get the best performance from the food.
  • The cleaning of electric cookers is less expensive and more bearable.
  • They are generally safer, as gas cookers can leak gas if they do not have modern safety systems. In addition, they may need periodic checks.
  • They distribute heat evenly, unlike gas stoves which are more focused.
  • Due to the structure itself, smoke or soot can normally be a possibility on gas cookers, not on electric ones.

How can I prevent my gas cooktop from smoking?

A gas cooktop can smoke or malfunction when the internal gas/air mixture is not burning efficiently. This assumes that there is incomplete combustion, resulting in a yellow or orange flame instead of blue. This is when the gas cooker can emit, for example, smoke/smoke or gas. The best option you will find to avoid this potential problem is effective maintenance and cleaning of your gas cooker.

In the event that your gas cooker smokes and you do not have the necessary knowledge for the treatment of the cooker you should not worry. It is something that can happen if there is a bad conservation, but it is totally avoidable and solvable.

It is best to contact an authorised gas cooker professional to sort it out. This way, you will avoid any inconvenience or risk to yourself.

Cocina a gasCocina a gas The gas cooker is still the most widely used cooker, as it has great benefits. (Source: Ferlič: KwU5Cl0LSXs / unsplash)

What are the alternatives to a gas cooker?

If you are considering alternatives to a gas cooker, whether for reasons of convenience, budget or otherwise, you can evaluate different options that we propose below:

  • Ceramic hob: It works with electric power and is characterized by a more practical design that allows easier cleaning and space utilization when it is off.
  • Induction cooker: It is a modern model of cooker that also works electrically and by means of a magnetic field. It also has technical functions of power and programming. In addition, its plates cool down quickly, which makes them safe. This type of cooker usually has a higher selling price.

type <td> Electric.

Glass ceramic cooktop Induction cooker
Energy Electric.
Heating power Progressive heating, takes time to heat up. High efficiency, heats up quickly.
Energy consumption High electricity consumption. Spends half as much as glass-ceramic hobs, great savings.
Adaptable types of materials/vessels Use of any type of container. Requires specific containers.
Danger for children It can be more dangerous because, even if it is switched off, it takes a long time to cool down. Cools quickly.
Cleaning Easy to clean, without complications. Easy to clean, no fuss.
Price Price much lower than induction cookers. They are more expensive, they can be twice as expensive as glass-ceramic hobs.

Purchasing criteria

To choose a gas cooker, there are many aspects to evaluate before buying yours. If you want to choose the features best suited to your needs, here are the main purchasing criteria you should evaluate. With them, you will be able to acquire enough information to determine which models best suit your preferences.

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Built-in or freestanding oven

This will depend on the possibilities in your kitchen and your personal taste. Gas cookers can have ovens that are integrated into the hob (multi-purpose ovens) and also ovens that are separate from the hob.

If you have a cooktop or hob with its own controls, you should know that if you want an integrated oven both must be of the same brand. If this is not the case, you can adapt the oven to your kitchen according to your taste or needs, regardless of the brand, as, like the hob, it will have its own control knobs.

Type of gas

When it comes to the type of gas, you need to consider what is most appropriate for your preferences. There are two main types of gas for cookers, natural gas and butane gas:

  • Natural gas: It is characterized by being unlimited (constant), as it comes from the pipes installed in your property. Its consumption at a certain level may become less affordable.
  • Butane gas: It is found in cylinders that need to be changed every so often (about 1 month), which can be laborious. It is cheaper than natural gas, regardless of consumption, and the value does not vary much.


As with any product that may involve certain dangers, safety is fundamental in a gas cooker. One of the main risks is gas leaks, a situation that can be a big problem if it is not stopped in time. For this, there are safety systems that cut off the gas flow if the flame goes out. This is an automated valve that prevents the gas from escaping.

Another important safety factor is the electronic ignition function. This makes it easier to control the cooker and allows you to get the flame without any other gadgets.


Gas cookers vary in size, mainly depending on the number of burners and whether a gas cylinder holder is included. The usual measures are between 80-95 centimetres in height and 50-60 centimeters wide. If you want to buy a gas cooker with a gas hob holder, you should know that it measures around 90 centimetres high.

If your goal is to get a classic gas cooker with 4 burners, its measurements are around 85 centimetres high and 60 centimetres wide. Remember to take into account if your required model is built-in, to consider the precise measurements you need.

Fuego de cocinaFuego de cocinaThe sensations and flavors will be more intense when tasting your food. (Source: Chepko: 54562602 / 123rf)


One of the main benefits of a gas cooker is that they can allow you to cook on any material. They are appliances that, in general, cover a wider range of action, being able to use them in a more varied way and at a lower price, compared to non-gas cookers.

Another important aspect is that they have a high calorific value and instant ignition, which will help you save time. In addition, this is a great facility when it comes to cooking with greater precision and, if you like cooking, you will be able to better perceive the sensations of real fire, unlike other types of cookers.


Gas cookers have 4 burners of different sizes as standard, ideal for families. In addition to these, you should know that there are models with 1, 2, 3 and even 5 burners, which are the ones normally used (depending on the number of people and the use you want to give it), apart from catering.

Another important aspect is the power of the burners. Although this will depend on the brand, it is possible to select it according to your preferences in some models.

On the other hand, a criterion that you should also take into account is the variety of burner sizes. The greater the number, the greater the variety of sizes. This will depend on your preferences of use, although, in general, in each gas cooker there are different diameters regardless of the number of burners.


The years go by and the results of the gas cooker are still more than satisfactory. The adaptation to the new times has modernized more and more the kitchens giving peace of mind and culinary pleasure to its users. Now you can enjoy a unique essence with your family and friends.

In conclusion, you are now in a position to choose a gas cooker with all the necessary information. Whatever your choice is, you will know that you will have an efficient product with multiple benefits. It will be your best ally with which you will enjoy one of life’s great pleasures, so don’t wait any longer!

If you found our article useful, please leave us a comment with your opinion and share it with your friends or acquaintances.

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