This is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 will be unveiled by Samsung on August 11 alongside the Z Fold 3. And inevitably, a few days before the event, rumors are running wild.

While it was supposed to be limited to a 15W charging power, a new rumor suggests that it would be compatible with a 25W charge. At least that’s what the information in the 3C database indicates.

The document mentions two models (EP-TA200 and EP-TA800) corresponding to the versions of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 explains the site Pocketnow. These two references suggest that the Z Flip 3 would be compatible with 15 W and 25 W. So we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Z Flip 3 come with a 15W charger when it is 25W compatible.

In any case, this power seems quite low considering the positioning of the product. The Z Flip 3 should be sold at more than 1000 euros. For this price, a more powerful charging system would not have been a luxury.

In 2021, smartphones sold for less than 500 euros have charging technologies of 45 or 65 W. Sure, they’re not foldable, but still. We expect more from an innovative model.

Galaxy Z Flip 3: the other folding smartphone

The Z Flip 3 is Samsung’s new vision of the flip smartphone. The manufacturer imagines several concepts using foldable screen technology. The Fold are smartphones that, once unfolded, become small tablets. The Flip, on the other hand, retains a smartphone format when unfolded. They are more like a lifestyle product than a device for techies.

After a promising Z Flip, Samsung should improve its copy. The Z Flip 3 should have the same format with reduced borders, a better quality screen and, of course, a more powerful processor. Finally, Samsung would integrate a more powerful photographic material to correct one of the main weak points of the first Z Flip.

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For now, we are only at the stage of rumours. See you on August 11 for full details on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3. Which of the two folding smartphones are you most looking forward to?