This year, Samsung created a surprise by unveiling a new 200 megapixel sensor that will allow smartphone cameras to take ultra-detailed images. Nevertheless, the manufacturer does not seem to be in a hurry to use this new sensor.

Indeed, all unofficial news sources agree that on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which should be released in February, Samsung should continue to use a 108-megapixel main sensor. But the good news is that the manufacturer is said to be planning significant software improvements.

In a recent publication, Ice Universe, a generally well-informed source, mentions one of these improvements. In essence, Samsung would have developed a new algorithm that will allow the 108 megapixel sensor to take more detailed images.

“In the S22 ultra’s 108MP mode, a new button appears in the lower right corner of the page, which is the AI Detail Enhancement button. After opening it, your photos have more detail, color and brightness than regular 108MP,” reads the tweet from Ice Universe, which is accompanied by an image.

In an article relaying this tweet, the site PhoneArena mentions other improvements that Samsung would have planned for the S22 Ultra. The device should use an improved version of the 108-megapixel HM3 sensor. And three of the four sensors would be new sensors.

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But the main improvements would be software. Moreover, a week ago, we also relayed a rumor about a feature called “detail enhancer” that Samsung would have planned for the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

S22 Ultra or S22 Note?

While most media outlets are talking about the S22 Ultra, some believe that this model could have another name: S22 “Note”. Indeed, this will clearly position the new model as an alternative to the Galaxy Note, the range that Samsung seems decided to abandon.

In addition to the name, the S22 Ultra/Note would also have better support for the S Pen. And like the old Galaxy Notes, there would even be a slot to store the stylus.

A 200 megapixel sensor on the Galaxy S23 series?

To take advantage of the 200 megapixel sensor, we would have to wait until 2023. This is what is explained by Ice Universe In another tweet.

“Samsung has been optimizing the 108MP sensor for three years, and the result is better year after year, which is better than frequently replacing the sensor. It is said that the S23 Ultra will adopt a 200MP sensor starting next year, and then it will be optimized for several years, the source said.

As a reminder, this 200 megapixel sensor has two interests. When the light is good, it allows to capture more details, thanks to the 200 megapixels.

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When the light is bad, the sensor does pixel bining: combining adjacent pixels to capture more light. The sensor can take 12.5-megapixel images by generating 2.56μm pixels that were created by merging 16 adjacent (smaller) pixels.