Fortnite News Tip, Season 7: Week 8 Legendary Challenges, List and Full Guide

Posted on 7/28/2021 at 5:15 PM

We are now in the home stretch of this Fortnite Season 7. The end of season event has already been announced and it’s time to finish your battle pass if you haven’t already! Luckily for you, a new set of legendary challenges has just appeared.

Week 8 Legendary ChallengesIn

addition to the traditional list of challenges, this season 7 of Fortnite welcomes 5 legendary challenges that will help you fill up on experience. Indeed, completing them will grant you more experience, allowing you to quickly fill up your battle pass.

  • Receive orders from Slone in a phone booth

Like every week, the first thing you’ll need to do is head to a town to find a phone booth. There, you’ll be able to take your orders for the week directly from Slone!

  • Get an access card from an IO guard

Here you’ll need to find one of the many IO guards that populate the map. Once you do, take him down and then finish him off. You should then be able to get an access card on one of them and thus validate this second challenge.

This challenge can be done in several places on the map, but these same places also have several locations where you can put a bug! From then on, it becomes immediately complicated and to make your life easier, we have made a guide on the subject

.Fortnite, saison 7 : défis légendaires de semaine 8, liste et guide complet

  • Interact with an IO agent’s computer

Back to the IO for this challenge, but this time you are asked to interact with one of the kings located in the satellite stations of the map. To find them, you’re used to it, just look up to the sky and find a red light.

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It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a challenge asking us to interact with one of the three NPCs on offer. This week’s NPCs are Jonesy of the Bunker, the Swamp Tracker and Bill the Human. We’ve listed them in our guide.

  • Talk to characters to expose an infiltrator

Finally, for this last challenge, you’ll simply have to talk to NPCs again. At one point, you’ll ask them a question about their favorite food and they’ll turn into an alien that you’ll have to kill to validate this last challenge.

Fortnite, saison 7 : défis légendaires de semaine 8, liste et guide complet

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