Good atmosphere at Amazon. The company has been criticized several times for the calamitous treatment of its employees, and it still has to deal with a bad buzz that it could have done without.

In a long interview published in the New York Times, David Niekerk, a former vice president of the company, makes a few crunchy revelations about Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos believes that people are inherently lazy.

David Niekerk is Amazon’s “Mr. Warehouse”. He helped design the warehouse management system based on a strong belief of Jeff Bezos: people are inherently lazy.

“What he was saying was that our nature as humans is to spend as little energy as possible to get what we want or need,” David Niekerk explains to the New York Times. So the warehouses were designed to prevent Amazon employees from indulging their natural laziness.

At Amazon, it’s sink or swim

“Amazon is capable of firing an employee for a single day of low productivity” explains the former vice president. He also points out that the company does not guarantee a salary increase after the first three years of employment and that short-term employees have no prospects for advancement.

These statements are in line with previous surveys of Amazon employees. One of them revealed that employees couldn’t even take a “bathroom break, with some ending up urinating into a bottle to keep up.

The Washington Post published a report from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It concluded that Amazon employees were twice as likely to be seriously injured as employees of other companies.

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A ticket to space

In the face of criticism, Jeff Bezos promised to invest $300 million in 2021 to “make efforts for his employees.” Recall that his fortune amounts to $ 213 billion at the time of writing.

A fortune that allowed him to fly into space. On his return, the CEO of Amazon thanked customers and employees of the company without whom financing this trip would not have been possible. No reason for Jeff, really.

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