Lamps are devices that have evolved throughout history, existing even before electricity was invented, when they worked with oil. Floor lamps, those that have a support on the floor, are used both to give light and warmth to a room and for specific activities that need to be under direct lighting to provide greater concentration.

Over the years, these useful devices have been gaining more functionality and have become a key accessory to provide, in addition to light, personality and style to every space. To show you everything you can get from having a good lamp of this type, we have created this guide in which we will show you all its possibilities. Don’t miss it!

The most important thing

  • Floor lamps are placed on the floor and stand on their own, without any support. Normally, they are connected directly to a socket, but we can even find them wireless.
  • They adapt to any type of environment you want to create, as they offer different forms of lighting, which makes them very versatile objects.
  • There are a wide variety of unique and original designs, which in addition to lighting, decorate and fill the spaces of your home with style.

The best floor lamps on the market: Our recommendations

Advances in technology have allowed items such as floor lamps to perform many more functions that were previously unimaginable. If you are not informed about the development they have had, you will be surprised to discover the number of models and designs that exist. Here is our selection for you to know a little of the best you can find on the market.

The best floor lamp with built-in coffee table

This great solid wood floor lamp from Sunmory has all the features required in a multi-functional fixture. It is notable for including shelves and drawers where you can store small items such as keys, but it has many more functions. It has 2 USB ports for charging various devices, which reduces cable clutter. In addition, it comes with an LED bulb, with three color temperature modes. This allows you to create different atmospheres for a multitude of situations.

Whether it’s as a lighting, reading or ambient lamp, it’s perfect for all scenarios. Its minimalist and classic design can be combined with different home styles. Users agree that it is easy to assemble, practical and good value for money. With this product, you have a decorative element with great potential and two pieces of furniture in one. It is not only a floor lamp, but also a practical and stylish storage and display shelf.

The best outdoor floor lamp

Farola de jardin BristolFarola de jardin Bristol

Yes, in your case, If you are looking for a floor lamp for your garden, the Hofstein lamp is an option to consider. In black and with a classic and timeless design, imitating a street lamp, it will give your porch or outdoor area a refined and distinguished touch. It supports bulbs from conventional to LED, is made of aluminum and its screens are transparent.

Additionally, it comes with screws to anchor it to the ground, which makes it safe and sturdy. Users recommend it for its style, the quality of its finishes and the possibility of regulating its height to adapt to all types of gardens.

The best floor lamp for reading

If you are a literature lover and you love to get engrossed in a novel whenever you can, you will love this floor lamp. Especially for reading, it has a high light output of 2000 lumens thanks to its LED bulb, and it also offers maximum flexibility due to its extension arm designed with an adjustable reading point. It is switched on and off by means of a rotary switch.

It also has a ceiling-mounted upper shade with adjustable intensity, allowing it to illuminate at any time with a warm white tone. In addition to its impressive functionality, the B.K. Licht lamp stands out for its modern and discreet design in silver, which blends in perfectly with any room in the house. Users also appreciate its easy installation, high quality and light weight.

The best floor lamp with remote control

For those who love the latest technology, this model will win you over. Henzin’s remote-controlled, touch-sensitive floor lamp is all you need to illuminate your space. Light and handy, it can be adapted to every corner of the house, and its flexible gooseneck allows you to turn it in any direction. This LED lighting item has 5 levels of brightness and temperature, and a working memory so you don’t have to set it all the time.

With its touch panel or remote control you can turn on, turn off and set the light without getting up. Additionally, it has a timer function; it automatically turns off after you fall asleep, saving electricity and money. Those who buy it agree on its stability and functionality, ease of installation and convenience. A sure hit.

The best children’s floor lamp

For children, the ideal floor lamp is one with an attractive and colourful design, which fills the room not only with light but also with a magical and fun atmosphere. This model from Paco Home is perfect for this, as its delicate star pattern will create the most special atmosphere for the little ones. Made of modern steel and polypropylene lampshade, with high quality materials to withstand shocks, it is ideal for children’s bedrooms.

It is available in various colours and lampshade sizes, as well as a stand or tripod in a choice of black or white. On the other hand, it supports LED bulbs, the most recommended for lower consumption. Buyers are delighted with its quality and design. What child wouldn’t like to sleep in a starry room?

Buying guide: What you should know about floor lamps

The lighting sector is becoming increasingly broad. In the world of floor lamps

For a standing lamp, as time goes by, it offers items with more functionalities and that generate less energy consumption. If you want to know what users are wondering about this topic, stay and read our section.

cuarto moderno cuarto moderno Floor lamps bring personality and provide the finishing touch to any decorative core. (Source: Leah Kelley-6480707/pexels)

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What are the parts of a floor lamp?

Floor lamps are those that sit on the floor and stand on their own, without any support. Normally, they are connected directly to a socket, but we can even find them cordless.

There is a wide variety of unique and original designs, as its main function, in addition to lighting, is to decorate the space.

In general, the parts that make up a floor lamp are


  • Foot or solid base: It stands firmly on the ground and is the support of the device.
  • Pole or vertical column: Variable height, extending from the base.
  • One or more bulbs: They provide the illumination. The intensity and direction of the light can vary.
  • Screen or lampshade (if small): Made of translucent material, it diffuses the light and protects the view from the direct light of the bulb.

We can find these pieces in a variety of styles, each with their own functional advantages. As a result, floor lamps become a very easy device to customize and adapt to all tastes.

What are the benefits of using floor lamps?

We have already seen the parts that make up a floor lamp and a selection of the best ones on the market, but why buy a floor lamp? In the following list we list the reasons why:

  1. You will save a lot of energy. Having this type of product at home, avoids having the main light on all the time. So, if you also use the reading arm that some models include, and acquire one that supports LED bulbs, the savings will be significantly higher.
  2. There are models that include the power to direct the light where you want. In this way, you can reach hollows and corners of the house that a ceiling lamp would never cover. In addition, this function also allows you to create a cozy and special atmosphere in the room.
  3. If you get bored and want to redecorate the room, you can easily move and relocate them.
  4. They are very easy to clean and you don’t need to climb a ladder or dismantle it to do so.
  5. You have a multitude of models to choose from and place them to match your style of decoration at home.
  6. They are affordable for all budgets. For a prThey are very economical, you can buy a beautiful and good quality lamp.
  7. They give elegance to any place, and can be placed in different rooms of the house.
  8. They take up very little space and can be placed in corners where no other element would fit.
  9. They can be used to read, work or study occasionally, make crafts, create spotlights, divide the space and a long list of activities.

What types of floor lamps are there?

Floor lamps can be divided into different groups according to many aspects and characteristics. Some of the main classifications are as follows:

According to their lampshade

Screen Description
Drum type They have an opening of the same size at the top and bottom. They are the classic lampshade, providing warm lighting that is evenly distributed around the room.
Japanese style They usually cover the entire foot. They usually have a handmade design, and are usually made of materials such as paper, or woven with silk or linen.
Conical type They usually have a wider base, and direct the light downwards. They are more traditional and have a more rustic look.
Without lampshade More contemporary and modern in style, there are models that do not have a lampshade covering the bulb.
With flexible head These models do not have a lampshade either, but a head that can be easily moved to direct the light to the desired point. They are a very good option for reading or working spaces, as they do not take up much space and can be placed in narrow corners and project the light where we need it. It is also recommended that they are adjusted to a height of about 150 cm.

According to their


Light Description
Ambient light The most common type we can find. They are used to provide general lighting to a room. They have a traditional lampshade, which distributes the light evenly so that it falls in a semi-direct way, which makes them perfect to be in a corner of the room or next to a sofa or armchair.
Reading light Provides a more direct and focused light than other types, offering bright illumination to the space directly below. Ideal for desk corners or tables where we do daily activities or work.
LED with light in the column This type is distinguished because it distributes the light upwards. This unique feature of this style of lamp makes the light more accentuated than ambient or reading lighting and can give a more spacious feel.

According to their shape and function

<td> These lamps are distinguished mainly because their column has a curved shape. The base is usually placed under a piece of furniture (sofa or armchair, for example) and the frame goes up the back and the light comes from above or from the side. They are very comfortable for activities such as reading or knitting.

Shape Description
Classic They consist of a base, a long, straight column or frame and a shade that can be made of fabric or paper. In addition to creating light spaces, classic floor lamps are widely used to fill space as a decorative element.
Ceiling-facing As the name suggests, this type of floor lamp is upright like the classic lamps. However, the light does not fall to the side or downwards, but upwards. This means that the light is reflected on the ceiling and creates a subtle and delicate atmosphere.
Flexible handle Adjustable models are those that have more than one light. Similar to the previous one, but with the difference that these usually have a flexible reading arm, which projects an additional more powerful light in case you need more intensity. Thus, an upper bulb can be directed to the ceiling to illuminate subtly and the other downwards for a specific activity.
With built-in table In addition to its lighting function, it has supports such as shelves or tables for placing objects or decoration.

Where can floor lamps be placed?

When buying a lamp, it’s not enough just to choose one whose design you find attractive. Where you place it can be decisive and will completely change the atmosphere of the room. Floor lamps should not be limited to standing next to the typical sofa in the living room. As there are so many models, designs and styles, they can be used to decorate any space in the house.

Floor lamps can be used in a dining room, a bedroom, an office, the garden or even in the kitchen. In a bedroom, for example, they can be used as a substitute for the typical bedside lamp when it is small or we simply don’t have it. On the other hand, just by placing a complement of this type you will create an ideal corner in any passage area such as a corridor.

We recommend you to choose your model depending on the use you want to give it and the space where you want to place it, because there are designs more suitable than others for different places. A floor lamp to illuminate a dining room is not the same as one for reading or as an ambience creator.

Did you know that, depending on the colour of the walls and floor, you should calculate how many points of light you need and the necessary power of the bulb? Dark colours make spaces smaller, so you should provide more light to the space to counteract the effect. On light walls and floors, the light will enhance the feeling of brightness and spaciousness.

How do floor lamps with remote control work?

Do you want to turn the light on or off in your lamp, but don’t feel like getting up to do it? Would you like to be able to vary the intensity or colour of the lighting to transform the ambience? With the right tool you can. For this, among other things, the remote control was implemented in lamps. Nowadays, technology in this sector has advanced to the point where we can turn on the light with just a remote control, a mobile phone or even by clapping our hands.

However, we must emphasize the difference with respect to efficient light bulbs, because the floor lamps with remote control are an example of a more efficient light bulb.

The smart lamp is a stand-alone device that offers many more functions. Thus, smart lamp models seek to increase the level of comfort and precision in their settings.

These devices stand out for their lighting characteristics, working with a system capable of producing light effects of various shades. The RGB LED lighting is produced thanks to the energy of the electric current, and is composed of three colored LEDs (red, green and blue).

You can find lamps with remote control that allow you to configure them through a mobile application. Usually, the manufacturer designs this type of applications exclusively for the manipulation of the equipment.


addition, they usually support voice command operation and allow synchronization with other devices, such as virtual assistants or smart speakers, which can turn on the lights to the rhythm of your favorite music.

pareja y lampara pareja y lampara They are so versatile that they can decorate and completely change the look of any part of a home. In the bedroom, floor lamps will give you the light you need next to the bed without losing space on the bedside table. (Source:Toa Heftiba: 9vNFtkm-Pus/ unsplash)

How to choose the lampshade for the floor lamp?

There are many types of lampshades, and depending on their size and shape, they will provide a different effect and light. For example, a large, circular lampshade provides a cosier atmosphere. They are also much more decorative than lamps with a small lampshade. The larger the lampshade, the less intense the light will be.

Tips for choosing a lampshade for your floor lamp

  1. The diameter of the screen base should be at least equal to the widest part of the screen. It is recommended to be twice as large.
  2. Generally, the ideal length of the lampshade is approximately 2/3 of the base height of the lamp. In this way, we get a more balanced image.
  3. If it is the right size, the lampshade should be able to conceal the fittings without encroaching on the base of the lamp.
  4. When replacing a lamp, we don’t have to choose one that is exactly the same as the previous one. There are many different styles and a variety of shapes to play with and try out. Take a chance!

Maintaining harmony and the right proportions is essential to ensure that your lamp is not overshadowed by a shade that is too large or a lampshade that is too small. If you are hesitating between two sizes, most of the time the larger size is the right one, as it works better aesthetically and distributes the light very well.

Buying criteria

Choosing the

right floor lamp for a room can certainly add the finishing touch to a space. In this section

We tell you what aspects to take into account to do so, so you can find the product that suits your tastes and preferences.


To begin with, lighting plays a fundamental role in completing a house. That’s why choosing which style of lamps you’re going to place in each of the rooms is key. The most popular are the following:

  • Nordic: It is well known because it belongs to the minimalist style that has been imposed in so many homes. They are characterized by balanced and simplistic lines, light colors and are made of natural materials such as wood.
  • Rustic: The lamps of this style are usually made of forged materials, wood or ceramic, and usually have brown designs and shades. They are usually combined with rustic decorations of hotels and rural inns or country houses.
  • Industrial: This is a timeless decorative style that never goes out of fashion, as well as being very eclectic. Black industrial lamps are ideal for those environments that try to highlight its organic and minimalist look. With soft and elegant designs, they give a very sophisticated touch.
  • Classic: Characterized by being full of ornaments and details, or have a simple design, usually in gold, old gold or leather finishes. This style is available in many materials and colors.
  • Modern: They are a great option for users with a daring and avant-garde style. There is also a huge variety of models. The wide screen ones are usually intended to fill large spaces and project the main light of the room.
  • Children’s: They are usually printed, and there are many colours, shapes and designs designed for children’s rooms in different styles. They fit both for babies and older children.

Type of bulb

Some lamps support more than one type of bulb. However, there are others that only support one. When buying your floor lamp, you should pay attention to that, because you won’t always be able to use the most energy efficient ones if the model is not compatible.

Type Pros Cons
Halogen They have an instant on and provide a natural and warm light. In addition, they take very little time to provide their full intensity. They are quite warm. They have a useful life of 2000 hours and save approximately 30% more energy than traditional ones (less than the rest).
Fluorescent Also called fluocompact. They consume about 70% less energy than traditional ones and have a useful life of between 6,000 and 10,000 hours. When they are switched on, they usually take a few seconds to achieve maximum power. They deteriorate more quickly, especially if they are switched on and off often.
LED They are the most advanced and the most efficient bulbs. They consume 80% less energy than traditional bulbs and have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The good thing about them is that they do not generate much heat, their tones are warm and pleasant, and you can turn them on and off a thousand times. They usually have a higher price than the rest.

Both fluorescent and LED bulbs are energy efficient. SaveThe latter are by far the most durable and consume the least electricity.

Dimmable light

The most important thing to bear in mind is to choose floor lamps according to the type of lighting that the rooms need. Perhaps you are looking for an atmosphere with a warm tone or maybe you just want a direct light to illuminate your reading corner. For example, for the latter, an ideal choice would be an arc reading lamp.

A very useful element that some lamps have is the power regulator, as it allows you to level the light according to the space or the activity that we are doing, giving greater functionality to the device. You can regulate the intensity to a dim level if you want to watch a movie or series relaxed, and raise it to the maximum when you need more concentration in your tasks.

sala moderna sala moderna Each type of light gives a special atmosphere to the corner you want to illuminate, so it is important to choose the right one. Keep in mind that the type of lighting provided by the lamp will create a certain atmosphere that can be cooler or warmer. (Source: Spacejoy: WQ35C1ZqCPk/unsplash)


Light is not the only thing that can be regulated in this type of lamp. There are also models in which you can change the position and direction of the spotlight, adjusting it to your liking. Some have columns or poles so you can raise or lower the height depending on the furniture in the room.

Likewise, if what you want is to direct the light to a specific point, those with flexible arms or handles, known as flexos, will be your best allies. They allow you to illuminate specific areas, such as a desk or table, making it easier to concentrate on activities such as working or studying with the right light.

Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, everyone is looking to buy items that use electricity with an A+ or A++ energy label. But why?

The energy label was born to show in a visual way the consumption of each appliance and, thus, encourage the purchase of those that are more efficient. Its function is to compare efficiency on a common scale, to know which lamps allow us to save more energy compared to others.

The different types of bulbs must have this labelling. In the upper area, the name of the supplier and the model are indicated. Underneath, the energy class of the product is shown, which can range from A++ to G, in order of highest to lowest efficiency. At the bottom of the label, the energy consumption is shown, expressed in kWh per 1000 hours.

In the short term, the F and G labels will disappear, as items with this level are no longer produced. The A+ and A++ classes are the most energy saving, being LED sources of this type.

Energy class

Scale Lamp technology</th>
A++ Sodium vapour lamps
A+ LED lamps
A – B Compact fluorescent lamps with tubes
B Halogen lamps with infrared coating
C Xenon gas halogen lamps 230 V and conventional halogen lamps 12-24 V
D-F Conventional halogen lamps 230 V
E-G Incandescent bulbs

Investing in a floor lamp that supports more energy-efficient bulbs is best in the long run, even if it means a bigger outlay up front, as it translates into far greater durability and energy savings.


As we have seen, floor lamps have many more advantages and possibilities than we might think at first. They are a complement that can not miss in a home with taste and style, so if you still do not have one at home, do not hesitate to browse some of our recommendations. You won’t regret it, we assure you.

From now on, the choice of the floor lamp is only in your hands. We hope this article has helped you and, at the same time, has been entertaining. If so, let us know with a comment – see you next time!

(Featured image source: shche_ team: cwMr5XYhNew/ unsplash)